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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Philippa need reassurance about from Anne and Aunt Jamesina in Chapter 19?
(a) Her appearance.
(b) Her personality.
(c) Her intellect.
(d) Her boyfriend.

2. What does Anne decide to do at the end of Chapter 12?
(a) Never ask Mr. Harrison for help with critiquing.
(b) Never get engaged or married.
(c) Never ask Diana for help with critiquing.
(d) Never attempt to write anything again that could be published.

3. How can Anne and Gilbert's relationship be described by the end of Chapter 20?
(a) A completely destroyed friendship.
(b) A new adventure in love.
(c) A partially destroyed friendship.
(d) They remain best friends.

4. What is Anne afraid about?
(a) Turning twenty.
(b) Philippa's lifestyle.
(c) Gilbert proposing.
(d) Diana's illness.

5. Why does Davy storm off on the way to church?
(a) He is mad at Dora for not listening to him.
(b) He is mad at Marilla for nagging him.
(c) He is mad at Mrs. Lynde for nagging him.
(d) He is mad at Anne for not being with them.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom do Anne and Priscilla meet in Chapter 10?

2. Who does Gilbert walk home with after the party?

3. Where will Philippa be during the break?

4. When Anne goes home near the end of Chapter 1, what does she find?

5. In the beginning of Chapter 10, where do Anne and Priscilla head off to?

Short Essay Questions

1. What small incident occurs with Davy in Chapter 7 and what does this indicate about Anne?

2. Why does Gilbert want to show Anne houses created by millionaires in Chapter 6?

3. What incident in Chapter 13 shows that Anne is in touch with children?

4. Why does Patty decide to let the girls rent her home in Chapter 10 and what does this decision say about Anne?

5. What does Philippa's letter to Anne say, and what does it indicate about Philippa's character?

6. What does Ruby tell Anne in Chapter 14 and what does Anne understand from it?

7. Why does Philippa need reassurance about her appearance in Chapter 19?

8. How do Anne and Priscilla finally get a sense of belonging in college?

9. What does the twisting of Diana's ring symbolize?

10. Why is Anne nervous and upset when she runs into Gilbert in Chapter 1?

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