Objects & Places from Anne of the Island

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This is the location or town of Anne's home.

Haunted Wood

This place is apparently full of trees and wonderful smelling ferns.

Green Gables

This is the location of Anne and Marilla's home. The house, some of the surrounding land, and the orchard all have this name.

Green Gables Orchard

This place is full of apple trees and thistledown and close enough to the sea to hear it in the distance.

Brook Valley

This place contains numerous flowers and a lake.

Lake of Shining Waters

This place is a beautiful, clean blue color.

Green Gables Spare Room

This place was awe-inspiring to Anne as a child. She used to tip toe through it as if it were a church past the pictures of George Whitefield and the Duke of Wellington.


This is the college that Anne Shirley and Priscilla Grant attend.

Bridge Over Shining Waters


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