Anne of the Island Character Descriptions

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Anne Shirley

This person is the main character of the book and has red hair, freckles, bright gray eyes and a slight body who is leaving home to attend college in Kingsport.

Philippa Gordon

This character is described as having glossy brown hair, red, round cheeks and gorgeous brown, velvet eyes. This character also comes from a wealthy background.

Marilla Cuthbert

This character is an older person who wears graying hair twisted in a knot and lives in Avonlea at Green Gables.

Gilbert Blythe

In college, this character shows his or her ability to lead by helping the freshman class win Art Rush, does well academically and is usually at the top of the class every year.

Priscilla Grant

This character is a good student and takes honors in the Classics but is not as bright as some of the other characters.

Diana Barry

This character is described...

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