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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the Exhibition what did Josie Pye take first place at?
(a) the best-decorated cake
(b) knitted lace
(c) the largest beets
(d) the best home-made pie

2. What was the important news Miss Stacy told Marilla?
(a) extra lessons to prepare advanced students for Queen's
(b) that she was leaving Avonlea after the school year ended
(c) a report on Anne's good grades
(d) an end of the school year picnic

3. What secret did Marilla disclose to Anne at the end of Chapter 37?
(a) She had always wanted to be a teacher.
(b) Gilbert's father was her beau and she regretted their quarrel.
(c) She wanted to move in with Mrs. Lynde now.
(d) She and Matthew were not actually brother and sister.

4. What kind of flowers was Anne carrying when she and Marilla saw Matthew fall across the threshold?
(a) lilies of the valley
(b) white narcissus
(c) a bouquet of white tulips
(d) yellow daffodils

5. What is Anne supposed to write a composition on in Miss Stacy's class?
(a) my favorite book
(b) why it's important to be honest
(c) some remarkable person
(d) how nature affects one's life

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is going to be the Fairy Queen in the Christmas concert?

2. What was another change in Anne that summer, four years after she had arrived at Green Gables?

3. Why wasn't Gilbert Blythe going to Redmond?

4. Though Aunt Josephine's house was splendid, what did Anne think it lacked?

5. How much taller did Anne grow that summer?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Miss Stacy propose her students do in November?

2. Describe Ruby Gillis, whom Gilbert Blythe walks home with from the Carmody Railway Station every Friday night.

3. Describe Anne, her dress, and her hair at the concert at the White Sands Hotel.

4. What secret does Marilla tell Anne at the end of Chapter 37?

5. What are the stumbling blocks to Anne, Jane, Ruby and Charlie, Josie and Moody in their studies?

6. Describe the story "The Jealous Rival" or "In Death not Divided" that Anne writes.

7. After a long winter of hard study how does Anne spend her summer?

8. Why is Marilla upset when she returns from her Aid meeting one late April evening?

9. What does Miss Stacy tell Marilla she wants to do when she visits her in chapter 30?

10. How do Anne and Marilla react when Matthew dies?

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