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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of flowers was Anne carrying when she and Marilla saw Matthew fall across the threshold?
(a) white narcissus
(b) lilies of the valley
(c) yellow daffodils
(d) a bouquet of white tulips

2. What did Anne recite at the concert?
(a) a Shakespeare sonnet
(b) A poem by Emily Dickenson
(c) How Do I Love Thee
(d) The Maiden's Vow

3. What photograph occupied the place of honor in Anne's bedroom?
(a) a photograph of Marilla and Matthew
(b) a photograph of Mrs. Allan
(c) a photograph of Diana
(d) Miss Stacy's photograph

4. To whom does Matthew finally turn with this problem of getting a new dress for Anne?
(a) Marilla
(b) Mrs. Allan, the minister's wife
(c) Mrs. Rachel Lynde
(d) Miss Stacy, Anne's teacher

5. How long had it been since Anne had gotten into a scrape?
(a) over one and a half months
(b) over two months
(c) over a week
(d) over two weeks

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Anne do with Miss Josephine Barry while at Queen's?

2. What does Matthew do when he goes to town to buy a dress for Anne?

3. Where were Diana and Anne when Miss Stacy came to call?

4. How was Mr. Barry's flat adorned for Elaine's watery voyage?

5. What is one of the three guesses Anne made when Diana told her she had exciting news for her?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Anne do when she hears about Marilla's eyesight and her decision to sell Green Gables?

2. What do Diana and Anne decide after having visited the city?

3. What do both Anne and Gilbert elect to do in their studies?

4. Why is Anne worried about Marilla and Matthew?

5. Describe how Anne, Diana, Ruby Gillis and Jane Andrews decide to dramatize Tennyson's "Elaine".

6. What does Miss Stacy tell Marilla she wants to do when she visits her in chapter 30?

7. What were the results of the Entrance Examination?

8. Who are the two girls Anne becomes friendly with at Queen's and what are they like ?

9. After a long winter of hard study how does Anne spend her summer?

10. What does the oculist tell Marilla about her eyes?

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