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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How was Mr. Barry's flat adorned for Elaine's watery voyage?
(a) Anne's coverlet and a yellow quilt
(b) Diana's sheet and her mother's yellow shawl
(c) Diana's mother's black shawl and a yellow piano scarf
(d) Ruby's mother's table cloth and a yellow afghan

2. What did the professional elocutionist look like?
(a) She was tall with dark-brown hair in a gold dress
(b) She was thin with black eyes dressed in pearl brocade.
(c) She was lithe and dark-eyed in a gown of shimmering gray.
(d) She was blonde with blue eyes dressed in pale blue.

3. What did Anne want to win at Queen's at the end of the year?
(a) a gold medal
(b) the Avery scholarship
(c) first in the class
(d) the Queen's scholarship

4. Where did Anne stay while she was attending Queen's?
(a) at a boarding house recommended by aunt Josephine
(b) with a family who boarded Queen's students
(c) in a student dormitory
(d) at Beechwood, aunt's Josephine's house

5. Where were Diana and Anne when Miss Stacy came to call?
(a) by Barry's pond
(b) in the Violet Vale
(c) in the back pasture
(d) in the Haunted Wood

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Gilbert Blythe do to make it easier for Anne to stay at Green Gables?

2. How much did Anne pay for the hair dye?

3. What was it that started the story club among the Avonlea girls?

4. What precipitated Matthew's death and Marilla's terrible plight with Green Gables?

5. What was another change in Anne that summer, four years after she had arrived at Green Gables?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do both Anne and Gilbert elect to do in their studies?

2. Why is Anne worried about Marilla and Matthew?

3. What is the story club?

4. What is Marilla moved to tell Anne in Chapter 34 and how does Anne respond?

5. Describe Miss Stacy, the new school teacher.

6. What does Anne do when she hears about Marilla's eyesight and her decision to sell Green Gables?

7. What actually happens during this dramatization of the lily maid?

8. What secret does Marilla tell Anne at the end of Chapter 37?

9. What are the results of the final examinations on the bulletin board?

10. What does Miss Stacy tell Marilla she wants to do when she visits her in chapter 30?

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