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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Professor Tremaine say would probably win the Avery scholarship?
(a) Anne Shirley
(b) Gilbert Blythe
(c) Priscilla Grant
(d) Emily Clay

2. What photograph occupied the place of honor in Anne's bedroom?
(a) a photograph of Mrs. Allan
(b) Miss Stacy's photograph
(c) a photograph of Diana
(d) a photograph of Marilla and Matthew

3. What part does Anne play in a tableau at the Christmas concert?
(a) Faith
(b) Charity
(c) Joy
(d) Hope

4. What did Diana do right after Anne had departed for Queen's?
(a) sat down and wrote a long letter to Anne
(b) dried her tears and went to a beach picnic at White Sands
(c) went to her room and vowed she'd never be happy again
(d) said a prayer for Anne and thanked God she had met her

5. What event did Aunt Josephine take the girls to see at the Exhibition?
(a) the singing contest
(b) the horse races
(c) the taffy pull
(d) the cake decorating contest

6. Why did the flat start leaking?
(a) Some small boys had torn a hole in it while they were playing.
(b) The wood of the bottom of the flat had rotted
(c) It had been damaged in a recent storm.
(d) The sharp stake at the landing had torn off a strip of batting.

7. What did Anne do with Miss Josephine Barry while at Queen's?
(a) attended concerts with her
(b) ate Sunday dinner with her and attended church with her
(c) went to the horse races and the park with her
(d) went to the theatre and to concerts with her

8. What did Miss Stacy speak to the teen girls about when she took them down to the brook?
(a) the importance of getting good grades in school
(b) the danger of falling in love too quickly
(c) the importance of the habits they acquired in their teens
(d) the importance of getting enough sleep each night

9. What are the health problems Marilla has now?
(a) She has problems with her back. She can't do her chores well anymore
(b) She has problems with her eyes. She can't read or sew with comfort.
(c) She has problems with rheumatoid arthritis
(d) She has problems with constant colds

10. What did Rev. Allan say everyone should have?
(a) a good Christian home
(b) a worthy purpose in life
(c) a good conscience
(d) a model to follow

11. What did Dr. Spencer tell Marilla to do with Anne that summer?
(a) watch that she got plenty of sleep each night
(b) feed her plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit
(c) keep her in the open air and not let her read books
(d) give her cod liver oil every morning

12. What difference did Matthew observe about Anne when he compared her to her girlfriends?
(a) She was thinner than the other girls.
(b) She was more talkative than the other girls.
(c) She was not dressed like the other girls.
(d) She was taller than the other girls.

13. What kind of flowers did Anne put around him in his coffin?
(a) flowers Marilla had picked in the Green Gables garden
(b) Anne's favorite spring flowers
(c) white lilies, tulips and daffodils
(d) his beloved flowers his mother had planted in her bridal days

14. Who made Anne's dress to take with her to Queen's?
(a) Mrs. Allan
(b) Marilla
(c) Emily Gillis
(d) Mrs. Rachel Lynde

15. What color is Anne's new dress with puffed sleeves?
(a) soft brown
(b) soft blue
(c) soft green
(d) pale yellow

Short Answer Questions

1. How much did Anne pay for the hair dye?

2. What was Anne's immediate reaction to Matthew's death?

3. What did the doctor say had caused Matthew's death?

4. What did Marilla find when she went upstairs to Anne's room for a candle?

5. Anne sat between what two women at the concert?

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