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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Anne recite at the concert?
(a) A poem by Emily Dickenson
(b) The Maiden's Vow
(c) How Do I Love Thee
(d) a Shakespeare sonnet

2. How was Anne dressed for the concert at the White Sands hotel?
(a) in a green organdy dress with a white lily in her hair
(b) in a brown, ruffled dress with kid slippers
(c) in her blue-flowered muslin and blue slippers
(d) in white organdy with a white rose in her hair

3. To whom does Matthew finally turn with this problem of getting a new dress for Anne?
(a) Mrs. Allan, the minister's wife
(b) Marilla
(c) Miss Stacy, Anne's teacher
(d) Mrs. Rachel Lynde

4. How was Mr. Barry's flat adorned for Elaine's watery voyage?
(a) Diana's sheet and her mother's yellow shawl
(b) Ruby's mother's table cloth and a yellow afghan
(c) Anne's coverlet and a yellow quilt
(d) Diana's mother's black shawl and a yellow piano scarf

5. What was Anne wearing at commencement and what did she do?
(a) a white dress and she read her favorite poem
(b) a blue-flowered dress and she recited a Shakespeare sonnet
(c) a pale yellow dress and she gave an inspired speech
(d) a pale green dress and she read the best essay

6. Who was the vivid, black-eyed "rose-red" girl Anne also made friends with at Queen's?
(a) Molly McKenna
(b) Maureen Gillespie
(c) Priscilla Grant
(d) Stella Maynard

7. What secret did Marilla disclose to Anne at the end of Chapter 37?
(a) She and Matthew were not actually brother and sister.
(b) She wanted to move in with Mrs. Lynde now.
(c) Gilbert's father was her beau and she regretted their quarrel.
(d) She had always wanted to be a teacher.

8. What does Matthew do when he goes to town to buy a dress for Anne?
(a) He buys material for a seamstress to make a dress.
(b) In his shyness he buys a rake and brown sugar instead.
(c) He turns back home before reaching town out of fear.
(d) He buys a dress he doesn't like.

9. What is Anne's nom de plume?
(a) Aliana Camilla Babcock
(b) Rosamund Montmorency
(c) Christiana Golightly
(d) Geraldine Seymour

10. What is one of the three guesses Anne made when Diana told her she had exciting news for her?
(a) Jane's mother is letting her have a birthday party.
(b) Prissy and Mr. Phillips are getting married.
(c) Rev. and Mrs. Allan are having an anniversary party.
(d) Diana's parents were giving Diana a puppy.

11. Why did Marilla cry when she listened to Anne recite "The Maiden's Vow" for her and Matthew?
(a) Marilla was so proud of Anne.
(b) The recitation was so sorrowful.
(c) She wished Anne were still a little girl.
(d) It reminded Marilla of her youth and lost love.

12. Who made Anne's dress to take with her to Queen's?
(a) Mrs. Allan
(b) Marilla
(c) Emily Gillis
(d) Mrs. Rachel Lynde

13. What flower did Anne hold in her folded hands?
(a) a white rose
(b) a white lily
(c) a tall, blue iris
(d) a yellow daisy

14. How long had it been since Anne had gotten into a scrape?
(a) over two weeks
(b) over a week
(c) over two months
(d) over one and a half months

15. What is the name of Diana's Aunt Josephine's house in Charlottetown?
(a) Hemlock Hill
(b) Idlewild
(c) Beechwood
(d) Birchwood

Short Answer Questions

1. What was going on in the hall when Anne arrived to look at the bulletin board with the awards posted?

2. What does Anne think her besetting sin is?

3. What event did Aunt Josephine take the girls to see at the Exhibition?

4. Who won the Avery scholarship?

5. Though Aunt Josephine's house was splendid, what did Anne think it lacked?

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