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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Anne remorseful about concerning Mr. Phillips?
(a) She regrets telling horrible things about him to Marilla.
(b) She regrets judging him and writing a poem about him.
(c) She regrets talking, drawing pictures of him and making fun of him.
(d) She regrets passing notes during the class.

2. Why is Anne reluctant to run over to Mrs Barry's house to pick up Diana's apron pattern for Marilla?
(a) She has too much homework to do.
(b) It's dark and Anne's afraid of "the Haunted Wood"
(c) She's tired and doesn't feel well.
(d) She had promised Matthew to mend his shirt that evening.

3. What did Josie Pye dare Jane Andrews to do at the party?
(a) catch a butterfly in Diana's garden
(b) jump "double dutch" jump rope 5 minutes without stopping
(c) hop backwards down the garden walk
(d) hop on her left leg around the garden without stopping

4. What did Tillie Boutler let Anne wear?
(a) a heart pendant
(b) a bead ring
(c) a pearl brooch
(d) a neck scarf

5. What do Anne and Diana pledge to one another?
(a) to have a double wedding one day
(b) to write to each other
(c) to meet secretly in the Birch Wood
(d) to love each other always

6. How long are Diana and Anne given to bid farewell?
(a) 15 minutes
(b) 20 minutes
(c) 10 minutes
(d) the whole afternoon

7. Why did Anne go to bed speechless with misery at the beginning of Chapter 22?
(a) Matthew told her he feared the next day would be rainy.
(b) She bewailed her many mistakes in housekeeping.
(c) She felt Marilla didn't love her because of her imagination.
(d) She hadn't seen Diana for a whole week.

8. What do Anne and Diana call the patch of birch trees where they built a playhouse?
(a) the hiding place
(b) Sentinel's Way
(c) fairyland
(d) Idlewild

9. What profession did Anne's parents have?
(a) college teachers
(b) high school teachers
(c) librarians
(d) the owned a general store

10. Who is Diana Barry?
(a) Anne's imaginary playmate
(b) a former friend at the asylum
(c) a dark-haired, dark-eyed little girl about Anne's age
(d) the minister's wife

11. What does Marilla think of Anne's opinion about the minister's sermon and Mr. Bell's prayers?
(a) She is horrified at Anne.
(b) She determines to teach Anne more about the bible.
(c) She is further convinced Annie is a heathen.
(d) She agrees with Anne.

12. What famous literary work did Mr. Phillips recite?
(a) He recited one of Shakespeare's sonnets
(b) He recited Mark Antony's oration in Shakespeare's Caesar.
(c) He recited "I wandered lonely as a cloud"
(d) He recited "Ode to a Greek Urn"

13. What seems to save Anne when she is tempted by disappointment and despair?
(a) her imagination
(b) her common sense
(c) memories of her early childhood
(d) bible verses

14. What does Anne do that deeply touches Marilla?
(a) Anne keeps her room tidy.
(b) Anne bakes her a surprise tart.
(c) Anne kisses her cheek.
(d) Anne tells Marilla she loves her.

15. How does Anne finally get permission to go to Diana's for her birthday?
(a) Matthew is adamant about Anne being able to go.
(b) Anne promised to be back at Green Gables before dark.
(c) She promised to do extra chores for Marilla
(d) Anne promises to be very well-behaved.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Anne do and say when Marilla tells her she can stay at Green Gables?

2. What does Diana pass to Anne in school as a token of her love?

3. What did Mrs. Allan, the minister's wife, tell Anne that encouraged her?

4. Where did Marilla and Rachel Lynde go in Chapter 18, leaving Anne and Matthew behind?

5. With whom did Anne live until she was eight-years-old?

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