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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Anne reluctant to run over to Mrs Barry's house to pick up Diana's apron pattern for Marilla?
(a) She has too much homework to do.
(b) She had promised Matthew to mend his shirt that evening.
(c) It's dark and Anne's afraid of "the Haunted Wood"
(d) She's tired and doesn't feel well.

2. What famous literary work did Mr. Phillips recite?
(a) He recited "I wandered lonely as a cloud"
(b) He recited Mark Antony's oration in Shakespeare's Caesar.
(c) He recited one of Shakespeare's sonnets
(d) He recited "Ode to a Greek Urn"

3. What physical problem does Marilla sometimes have?
(a) headaches
(b) backaches
(c) indigestion
(d) gout

4. What did Rachel Lynde hear from Marilla when she visited her?
(a) She heard that Marilla's cow was missing.
(b) She heard that Marilla and Matthew were adopting a boy.
(c) She heard that Marilla wasn't feeling well.
(d) She heard that Marilla was inviting the minister to tea.

5. Who did Anne meet coming home from the station?
(a) Diana's aunt Josephine
(b) Marilla and Matthew
(c) Mrs. Rachel Lynde
(d) the new minister and his wife

6. What did Anne say she would leave to Diana if she were killed?
(a) her pearl bead ring
(b) her diary
(c) her gold locket
(d) her books

7. What do Anne and Diana pledge to one another?
(a) to love each other always
(b) to meet secretly in the Birch Wood
(c) to write to each other
(d) to have a double wedding one day

8. What mistake does Anne make when the minister and his wife come to tea?
(a) She decorates the table with peonies full of ants.
(b) She forgets to set the table with Marilla's best china.
(c) She puts anodyne liniment in her cake instead of vanilla.
(d) She burns the cake she's baking for the tea.

9. What did her parents die from?
(a) a fever
(b) German measles
(c) tuberculosis
(d) they drowned

10. What does Anne dearly wish she had?
(a) a father and mother
(b) her own dog
(c) a horse to ride
(d) a bosom friend, a kindred spirit to confide in

11. What does Mrs. Lynde suggest that Marilla do to Anne?
(a) send her back to the asylum in Nova Scotia
(b) make her memorize 10 bible verses
(c) turn her over to Mrs. Blewett to care for her children
(d) swat her with a birch switch

12. What did Prissy Andrews look like at the Debating Club concert?
(a) She wore a long, white chiffon dress with a gardenia in her hair.
(b) She wore pink silk, a string of pearls and carnations in her hair.
(c) She wore green tafeta with a string of green beads.
(d) She wore blue satin with blue flowers in her hair.

13. What shocked Mrs. Lynde about Anne in church?
(a) Anne fell asleep.
(b) Anne didn't kneel when the other people did.
(c) Anne didn't sing the hymns.
(d) Anne put roses and buttercups on her hat.

14. What does Anne recall Mr. Phillips, the teacher, doing which upset her?
(a) He chastized her friend, Diana
(b) He was very proud and unkind to the pupils of the school.
(c) He gave her low marks and made fun of her.
(d) He spelled her name without an "e" and made her sit with Gil.

15. What does Anne tell Marilla she'd like to be when she grows up?
(a) a poetess
(b) a novelest
(c) a teacher
(d) a minister's wife

Short Answer Questions

1. How long are Diana and Anne given to bid farewell?

2. How old is Matthew?

3. What did the school children sing on their way home from picking spring flowers?

4. What do Anne and Diana plan to do?

5. Who is Diana Barry?

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