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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Anne looking forward to doing after she finishes her lessons?
(a) baking a cake for Matthew
(b) reading a book Jane loaned her
(c) building a snowman
(d) writing in her diary

2. What does Anne call Mrs. Rachel Lynde?
(a) " a new-found friend and kindred spirit"
(b) "an ugly, old witch"
(c) "an old busybody and nuisance"
(d) " a rude, impolite, unfeeling woman"

3. What has Anne never tasted which she hopes to eat at the Sunday school picnic?
(a) ice cream
(b) chocolate brownies
(c) lady's fingers
(d) strawberry shortcake

4. What did Josie Pye dare Jane Andrews to do at the party?
(a) jump "double dutch" jump rope 5 minutes without stopping
(b) hop backwards down the garden walk
(c) hop on her left leg around the garden without stopping
(d) catch a butterfly in Diana's garden

5. What does Anne look like?
(a) She is a tall, thin girl with light brown hair and gray eyes.
(b) She is a stocky, blonde girl with green eyes.
(c) She has long red braids and large, eager, luminous eyes.
(d) She has raven black hair and blue-violet eyes.

6. What does Diana pass to Anne in school as a token of her love?
(a) a note and a large apple
(b) a note and a bunch of wild flowers
(c) a note and a bookmarker she had made
(d) a poem she had written

7. What did Prissy Andrews look like at the Debating Club concert?
(a) She wore pink silk, a string of pearls and carnations in her hair.
(b) She wore a long, white chiffon dress with a gardenia in her hair.
(c) She wore green tafeta with a string of green beads.
(d) She wore blue satin with blue flowers in her hair.

8. What did Mrs. Allan, the minister's wife, tell Anne that encouraged her?
(a) that she, too, was a dunce at geometry
(b) that Anne was very pretty
(c) that she would invite Anne to tea often
(d) that she too had been an orphan

9. What kind of dress does Anne wish she could have?
(a) a blue, organdy dress
(b) a dress with puffed sleeves
(c) a long, white dress to pretend in
(d) a silk dress with a flower print

10. What happened to Anne when she was dared to walk the ridgepole of Mr. Barry's kitchen roof?
(a) She refused the dare, saying that was fool-hardy.
(b) She successfully walked the ridgepole.
(c) She accepted the dare and fell and broke her ankle.
(d) She fell from the roof, breaking both legs.

11. What happened between Gilbert and Anne on the first day of school?
(a) They fell in love.
(b) They became buddies.
(c) Gilbert called her Carrots and she broke a slate over his head.
(d) Nothing. They were oblivious to one another.

12. What profession did Anne's parents have?
(a) the owned a general store
(b) college teachers
(c) librarians
(d) high school teachers

13. What do all the girls in the class do when Mr. Phillips gives his farewell speech?
(a) They all give him little farewell gifts.
(b) They all cry, even Anne.
(c) They all join in singing him a song.
(d) They promise to write him letters.

14. What is a good short description of Mrs. Rachel Lynde?
(a) an introverted intellectual
(b) a small town busybody
(c) a kindly grandmother
(d) a young matron

15. What did the school children sing on their way home from picking spring flowers?
(a) "My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean"
(b) "Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair"
(c) "My Home on the Hill"
(d) "April Showers"

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Anne win Mrs. Rachel Lynde over?

2. What does Diana give Anne as a keepsake?

3. How does Anne compare Mrs. Allan to Matthew?

4. What is the surprise outcome of Anne and Diana jumping on Diana's Aunt Josephine?

5. What does Mrs. Barry tell Diana Anne can do for Diana's birthday?

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