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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 37.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Miss Stacy speak to the teen girls about when she took them down to the brook?
(a) the importance of the habits they acquired in their teens
(b) the danger of falling in love too quickly
(c) the importance of getting good grades in school
(d) the importance of getting enough sleep each night

2. What photograph occupied the place of honor in Anne's bedroom?
(a) a photograph of Diana
(b) a photograph of Marilla and Matthew
(c) a photograph of Mrs. Allan
(d) Miss Stacy's photograph

3. Who was the pale, spiritual-looking "dream girl" with whom Anne became friendly at Queen's?
(a) Priscilla Grant
(b) STella Maynard
(c) Stephanie Harder
(d) Camilla Harper

4. What does Anne recall Mr. Phillips, the teacher, doing which upset her?
(a) He chastized her friend, Diana
(b) He was very proud and unkind to the pupils of the school.
(c) He spelled her name without an "e" and made her sit with Gil.
(d) He gave her low marks and made fun of her.

5. Why wasn't Gilbert Blythe going to Redmond?
(a) His mother was sick.
(b) He decided to go to another college.
(c) His father couldn't afford to send him.
(d) He decided he didn't want to.

Short Answer Questions

1. What flower did Anne hold in her folded hands?

2. Why did the flat start leaking?

3. What does Mrs. Lynde suggest that Marilla do to Anne?

4. What did the school children sing on their way home from picking spring flowers?

5. What does Ruby Gillis give her on the first day of school?

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