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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 37.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Marilla find when she went upstairs to Anne's room for a candle?
(a) Anne's room in great disorder
(b) Anne's window wide-open when it should be shut
(c) a letter from Anne for her lying on Anne's bed
(d) Anne lying face-down among the pillows

2. What was Anne's immediate reaction to Matthew's death?
(a) She ran out into the night to be close to nature.
(b) a flood of tears
(c) tearless agony
(d) the need to have Diana stay overnight with her

3. What superstition makes Anne uneasy about the exam?
(a) She has number 13.
(b) She keeps spilling salt at meals.
(c) She just broke a mirror.
(d) A black cat ran across her path that week.

4. What was Matthew Cuthbert doing one June afternoon in Chapter 1 which he usually didn't do?
(a) In his best clothes, he was driving his buggy away from Avonlea.
(b) He was helping his sister, Marilla, clean the house.
(c) He was visiting his neighbor, Mrs. Rachel Lynde.
(d) He was reading the bible.

5. What shocked Mrs. Lynde about Anne in church?
(a) Anne fell asleep.
(b) Anne put roses and buttercups on her hat.
(c) Anne didn't sing the hymns.
(d) Anne didn't kneel when the other people did.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Anne wind up the evening after hearing the exam results?

2. Who was the pale, spiritual-looking "dream girl" with whom Anne became friendly at Queen's?

3. Who is Diana Barry?

4. What lesson did Anne say she had learned from this latest escapade?

5. What flower did Anne hold in her folded hands?

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