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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 32.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where were Diana and Anne when Miss Stacy came to call?
(a) by Barry's pond
(b) in the Violet Vale
(c) in the Haunted Wood
(d) in the back pasture

2. What does Marilla do when she thinks Anne lost her amethyst brooch?
(a) She forbids her to go to the Sunday School picnic.
(b) She tells her she can't see Diana for 2 weeks.
(c) She refuses to let her have a dog or cat.
(d) She gives her extra chores.

3. What does Mrs. Lynde suggest that Marilla do to Anne?
(a) turn her over to Mrs. Blewett to care for her children
(b) swat her with a birch switch
(c) make her memorize 10 bible verses
(d) send her back to the asylum in Nova Scotia

4. What did Carrie Sloane dare Ruby Gillis to do at Diana's party?
(a) dig a can of worms
(b) catch 20 grasshoppers
(c) climb to a point in the old caterpillar-infested willow tree
(d) swim across Barry's pond

5. How does Anne win Mrs. Rachel Lynde over?
(a) Anne flatters Mrs. Rachel Lynde.
(b) Anne agrees that she is skinny with carrot red hair
(c) Anne drops to her knees with a dramatic apology
(d) Anne makes an apple pie and takes it to Mrs. Lynde.

Short Answer Questions

1. What superstition makes Anne uneasy about the exam?

2. What is the outcome of Minnie Mae's illness?

3. What does the new teacher, Miss Stacy, have every other Friday afternoon?

4. Why is the day described in Chapter 20 "special" to Anne?

5. What difference did Matthew observe about Anne when he compared her to her girlfriends?

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