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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 32.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What housekeeping mistakes does Anne make because she's lost in her imagination?
(a) She doesn't make her bed and breaks a dish.
(b) She starches Matthew's handkerchiefs and burns the pie.
(c) She drops the pie on the kitchen floor and leaves the door open.
(d) She puts the jam on the wrong shelf and leaves the butter out.

2. What does Anne look like?
(a) She is a stocky, blonde girl with green eyes.
(b) She is a tall, thin girl with light brown hair and gray eyes.
(c) She has raven black hair and blue-violet eyes.
(d) She has long red braids and large, eager, luminous eyes.

3. What did Moody Spurgeon do to settle his nerves before the Entrance exam?
(a) wrote a lot of letters to his parents
(b) repeated the multiplication table
(c) ate a lot of ice cream
(d) repeated the Lord's Prayer

4. What is one of the three guesses Anne made when Diana told her she had exciting news for her?
(a) Diana's parents were giving Diana a puppy.
(b) Prissy and Mr. Phillips are getting married.
(c) Jane's mother is letting her have a birthday party.
(d) Rev. and Mrs. Allan are having an anniversary party.

5. Where do Anne and Diana meet to say their good-byes after Diana's mother forbids Diana to see Anne again?
(a) in the Violet Vale
(b) in the Birch Wood
(c) in the Lover's Lane
(d) by the Dryad's Bubble

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Diana suddenly show up at Green Gables, white-faced and breathless?

2. What does Diana give Anne as a keepsake?

3. What kind of dress does Anne wish she could have?

4. What did Gilbert Blythe recite at the concert?

5. What did Ella May give Anne when she returned to school?

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