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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 32.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Diana give Anne as a keepsake?
(a) a lock of her black hair
(b) a verse from a favorite poem of theirs
(c) a poem she wrote about Anne
(d) several flowers to press in a book

2. Who sold Anne the hair dye?
(a) An Italian peddler
(b) An Hungarian peddler
(c) A German peddler
(d) A gypsy

3. What was Matthew Cuthbert doing one June afternoon in Chapter 1 which he usually didn't do?
(a) He was helping his sister, Marilla, clean the house.
(b) He was reading the bible.
(c) In his best clothes, he was driving his buggy away from Avonlea.
(d) He was visiting his neighbor, Mrs. Rachel Lynde.

4. What did Miss Stacy speak to the teen girls about when she took them down to the brook?
(a) the importance of getting enough sleep each night
(b) the importance of the habits they acquired in their teens
(c) the danger of falling in love too quickly
(d) the importance of getting good grades in school

5. What does Anne think of the minister's sermon and Mr. Bell's prayers?
(a) She imagines herself as a minister and what she'd preach.
(b) She is spell-bound by the sermon and prayers.
(c) She thinks they're long and boring.
(d) She feels they give "scope to the imagination".

Short Answer Questions

1. What color is Anne's new dress with puffed sleeves?

2. What did Miss Stacy teach Anne about how to write?

3. What was another change in Anne that summer, four years after she had arrived at Green Gables?

4. What did Tillie Boutler let Anne wear?

5. What is a good short description of Mrs. Rachel Lynde?

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