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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mrs. Barry tell Diana Anne can do for Diana's birthday?
(a) stay overnight and go to a Debating Club concert with her
(b) Anne can have Diana at Green Gables overnight.
(c) come to an afternoon birthday party
(d) Anne can help build a playhouse in Diana's back yard.

2. What does Marilla think of Anne's opinion about the minister's sermon and Mr. Bell's prayers?
(a) She is further convinced Annie is a heathen.
(b) She determines to teach Anne more about the bible.
(c) She is horrified at Anne.
(d) She agrees with Anne.

3. Why was it a fortnight until Mrs. Rachel Lynde came to visit Marilla and see Anne?
(a) Mrs. Lynde was busy with her garden.
(b) Mrs., Lynde had company.
(c) Mrs. Lynde was away visiting relatives.
(d) Mrs. Lynde had the grippe.

4. What does Ruby Gillis give her on the first day of school?
(a) a peach
(b) an apple
(c) a pear
(d) a pencil

5. Who did Anne meet coming home from the station?
(a) Mrs. Rachel Lynde
(b) Diana's aunt Josephine
(c) Marilla and Matthew
(d) the new minister and his wife

Short Answer Questions

1. What has Anne never tasted which she hopes to eat at the Sunday school picnic?

2. What does Anne do when she realizes that Marilla and Matthew had wanted to adopt a boy?

3. What housekeeping mistakes does Anne make because she's lost in her imagination?

4. What does Anne do and say when Marilla tells her she can stay at Green Gables?

5. What does Anne recall Mr. Phillips, the teacher, doing which upset her?

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