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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13 | Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Rachel Lynde hear from Marilla when she visited her?
(a) She heard that Marilla wasn't feeling well.
(b) She heard that Marilla's cow was missing.
(c) She heard that Marilla and Matthew were adopting a boy.
(d) She heard that Marilla was inviting the minister to tea.

2. What made Anne not care about God?
(a) She felt that God had made her an orphan.
(b) She couldn't imagine what God was like.
(c) She felt she had had a hard life from early childhood.
(d) Mrs. Thomas told her God had made her hair red on purpose.

3. How does Anne win Mrs. Rachel Lynde over?
(a) Anne makes an apple pie and takes it to Mrs. Lynde.
(b) Anne agrees that she is skinny with carrot red hair
(c) Anne flatters Mrs. Rachel Lynde.
(d) Anne drops to her knees with a dramatic apology

4. What makes Marilla decide to keep Anne?
(a) the need to have a girl to cook and clean for her
(b) the desire to finally have a daughter
(c) reluctance to turn her over to Mrs. Blewett, a harsh shrew
(d) she's lonely

5. What seems to save Anne when she is tempted by disappointment and despair?
(a) her imagination
(b) memories of her early childhood
(c) her common sense
(d) bible verses

Short Answer Questions

1. What did her parents die from?

2. What does Marilla attempt to teach Anne one night in Chapter 7?

3. What makes Anne agree to smooth things over with Mrs. Lynde?

4. What do we learn about Matthew Cuthbert in Chapter 2?

5. What does the romantic Anne rename the 'Avenue', a scenic stretch of road lined with blossoming apple trees?

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