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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 33.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What flower did Anne hold in her folded hands?
(a) a tall, blue iris
(b) a yellow daisy
(c) a white rose
(d) a white lily

2. What way did Matthew vote politically?
(a) independent
(b) liberal
(c) conservative
(d) Grit

3. Why didn't Anne care anymore about things that she used to care deeply about?
(a) Diana was angry with her.
(b) Her hair was green
(c) She felt guilty for not setting the tea table for Marilla.
(d) Matthew and she had had a serious argument.

4. What does Ruby Gillis think about all the time?
(a) men
(b) becoming a nurse
(c) her studies
(d) food

5. What color is Anne's new dress with puffed sleeves?
(a) soft green
(b) pale yellow
(c) soft blue
(d) soft brown

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Anne and Diana call the patch of birch trees where they built a playhouse?

2. What did Marilla find when she went upstairs to Anne's room for a candle?

3. Why does Diana suddenly show up at Green Gables, white-faced and breathless?

4. What does Anne tell Marilla she'd like to be when she grows up?

5. What physical problem does Marilla sometimes have?

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