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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 33.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Anne and Diana pledge to one another?
(a) to have a double wedding one day
(b) to meet secretly in the Birch Wood
(c) to write to each other
(d) to love each other always

2. What does Ruby Gillis think about all the time?
(a) her studies
(b) men
(c) food
(d) becoming a nurse

3. How does Anne win Mrs. Rachel Lynde over?
(a) Anne flatters Mrs. Rachel Lynde.
(b) Anne drops to her knees with a dramatic apology
(c) Anne agrees that she is skinny with carrot red hair
(d) Anne makes an apple pie and takes it to Mrs. Lynde.

4. What did the professional elocutionist look like?
(a) She was thin with black eyes dressed in pearl brocade.
(b) She was blonde with blue eyes dressed in pale blue.
(c) She was tall with dark-brown hair in a gold dress
(d) She was lithe and dark-eyed in a gown of shimmering gray.

5. Why does Diana suddenly show up at Green Gables, white-faced and breathless?
(a) She has a flood in her basement and her parents are away
(b) Her house is on fire and her parents are away
(c) Her little sister has croup and her parents are away
(d) She feels very ill and her parents are away

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Rev. Allan say everyone should have?

2. What did Josie Pye do which all the little girls admired?

3. How does Anne view nature?

4. What does Anne call a person who feels as she does about things?

5. What did Josie Pye dare Jane Andrews to do at the party?

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