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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long are Diana and Anne given to bid farewell?
(a) 15 minutes
(b) 10 minutes
(c) the whole afternoon
(d) 20 minutes

2. Who is Diana Barry?
(a) a dark-haired, dark-eyed little girl about Anne's age
(b) a former friend at the asylum
(c) the minister's wife
(d) Anne's imaginary playmate

3. What does Anne call Mrs. Rachel Lynde?
(a) " a new-found friend and kindred spirit"
(b) "an old busybody and nuisance"
(c) "an ugly, old witch"
(d) " a rude, impolite, unfeeling woman"

4. What does Anne do when she realizes that Marilla and Matthew had wanted to adopt a boy?
(a) She tries to persuade them she's better than a boy.
(b) She becomes angry and runs out of the house.
(c) She tells them she'd rather be in the asylum than there.
(d) She bursts into tears and says it had all been too good to be true.

5. What does Anne dearly wish she had?
(a) a horse to ride
(b) a bosom friend, a kindred spirit to confide in
(c) a father and mother
(d) her own dog

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Anne and Diana meet to say their good-byes after Diana's mother forbids Diana to see Anne again?

2. What do Anne and Diana call the patch of birch trees where they built a playhouse?

3. What does Marilla decide to do with Anne so that she won't remain a heathen?

4. What seems to save Anne when she is tempted by disappointment and despair?

5. What did Ella May give Anne when she returned to school?

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