Anne of Green Gables Fun Activities

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Write a poem in any style about one of Anne's favorite haunts on Prince Edward Island.

Painting of a Scene or Place in the Book

Paint a picture of a scene or place out of the book. You can use any medium.

Invention of a Favorite Haunt in Nature and Description of It

Invent your own favorite haunt . Describe it in detail using the same style Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote in. Give it a name.

Crossword Puzzle

Create a crossword puzzle using places, people, etc. from the book.

Outline of a Children's Book

Make an outline of a children's book, similar to Anne of Green Gables, with a boy as the main character. List the main characters in the book, the main happenings, and how it ends.

Short Story

Write a short story. Use short, simple words. Give it a moral. Choose a nom de plume.

Anthropomorphization of Your Choice

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