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Essay Topic 1

1) Write a description of Anne's life before she came to live with Matthew and Marilla. Who were her parents? With whom did

she live? What did she have to do?

2) Compare Marilla's and Mrs. Lynde's personalities. How are they different , how the same?

3) Describe Anne's effect on Matthew. How does she change his personality?

4) Choose one of the three to write about.

Essay Topic 2

1) There are many beautiful evocative descriptions of nature throughout the book. Explain how these descriptions added to the enjoyment of

the book. Did they make you feel you were right there on Prince Edward Island?

2) Anne's imagination is a main theme in the book. How does her imagination make her life richer? Do you use your imagination a lot in a similar way to Anne? If not, why?

3) Anne finds it important to find kindred spirits among the people she meets. Is...

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