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Nilo Cruz
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Conchita avoid contact with at the party?
(a) Palomo.
(b) Juan Julian.
(c) Chechy.
(d) Santiago.

2. What two things does Palomo want to know from Conchita?
(a) What happened to the new machine and how she feels about the lector.
(b) What the lector is reading and how she likes it.
(c) If she is pregnant and why she denies having a lover.
(d) Where she meets her lover and what they do.

3. Which of the following is a synonym for the term chides as used in the following sentence: Conchita chides Palomo about the behavior of lovers.
(a) Extends.
(b) Rebukes.
(c) Praises.
(d) Explains.

4. What does writing Juan Julian's name on the piece of paper and then placing it where it is suggested supposedly do that for him?
(a) Allow him to find peace.
(b) Ensure his acceptance into heaven.
(c) Have him always be remembered.
(d) Show his spirit is welcome is here.

5. What is odd about Marela?
(a) She is not crying.
(b) She doesn't talk anymore.
(c) She is hugging Juan Julian's dead body.
(d) She is still wearing her coat.

6. What argument does Chechy use to defend his purchase?
(a) Need for modernity.
(b) His role as supervisor.
(c) Elimination of Juan's role.
(d) Being the man.

7. What are the factory workers celebrating?
(a) New equipment.
(b) New brand.
(c) Profits.
(d) End of the book.

8. Where is the piece of paper with Juan Julian's name to be placed then?
(a) In an envelope.
(b) Into the ocean when the next boat comes.
(c) Glass of water and brown sugar.
(d) On the bag of the cigar bands.

9. In what way does act 2 scene 2 look at erotic love?
(a) Discreetly.
(b) Suggestively.
(c) Openly.
(d) Refreshingly.

10. Who interrupts the discussion between Juan Julian, Chechy and Palomo?
(a) Santiago and Marela.
(b) Marela and Ofelia.
(c) Santiago and Ofelia.
(d) Conchita and Ofelia.

11. What does Marela insist Palomo do?
(a) Start a new book.
(b) Make up with his wife.
(c) Finish reading Anna Karenina.
(d) Play some music.

12. Who was Mildred?
(a) Juan Julian's sister.
(b) Palomo's lover.
(c) The factory owner.
(d) Chechy's wife.

13. Where does Juan Julian tell Conchita he would prefer to meet?
(a) His room or a hotel.
(b) The factory.
(c) Her home.
(d) Near the lake.

14. Why does Juan Julian believe Anna fell in with Vronsky?
(a) She needed to feel love.
(b) She was weak and helpless.
(c) She needed to rediscover herself as a woman.
(d) She wanted to hurt her husband.

15. Where is the setting of the opening of act 2?
(a) Factory.
(b) On a boat.
(c) Conchita's house.
(d) In a park.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Conchita want someone to do?

2. What does Palomo compare alcohol to?

3. Which of the following characters enters unnoticed?

4. How many days after the tragedy does act 2 scene 5 occur?

5. What does Juan Julian bring to help decorate the factory?

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