Anna in the Tropics Short Essay - Answer Key

Nilo Cruz
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1. Which two events create the settings fro the first scene in act one?

Act 1, Scene 1 alternates between a cockfight and the arrival of a ship at the harbor.

2. What would be an accurate description of Santiago and Chechy as they are first introduced?

Santiago and Chechy are half-brothers who are currently at a cockfight. They have been drinking but are not drunk.

3. What and why does Santiago carve something into the sole of his half-brother's shoe?

Santiago runs out of cash after several matches and carves an "S" into the sole of Chechy's shoe as a promissory note for $100, which he later raises to $300.

4. What are Ofelia, Marela and Concit waiting for at the harbor?

Ofelia and her daughters Marela and Conchita eagerly await the arrival of a new lector at the harbor.

5. What happened to the old lector, Teodoro?

The old lector, Teodoro, outlived his usefulness in his job long before he died.

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