Anna in the Tropics Character Descriptions

Nilo Cruz
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Anna's Husband - This character is called Karenin.

Boy from New London - This character was so shy that when he expressed any sort of feeling, he would excuse himself.

Carmela - This character is the palm reader.

Cheché - This character claims partial ownership in the factory as the result of winning a wager.

Chester - This character wants to modernize the cigar factory's operations with machinery.

Conchita - This character rolls cigars at the factory and has an affair.

Eliades - This character is a gamester who takes wagers on the local cockfights he runs.

Juan Julian - This character is the best lector west of Havana.

Anna Karenina - This is the eponymous heroine of a novel by Leo Tolstoy.

Kitty - This character forms part of the second love triangle. She is the object of Levin's desire.

Levin - This is a...

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