Anna in the Tropics Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Nilo Cruz
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Act 1, Scene 1

• The beginning of the play alternates between a cockfight and the arrival of a new lector via ship at the harbor.

• Santiago and Chechy are half-brothers who are at the cockfighting drinking and gambling.

• Eliades is keeping the betting going at a regular rate.

• Santiago is not doing well gambling and has to borrow money from his half-brother.

• Santiago carves an S into Chechy's shoe to serve as a promissory note, which ends up being worth $300.

• Ofelia and her two daughters, Marela and Conchita are at the harbor waiting for the new lector.

• The old lector, Teodoro had not been useful in a long time, but then died about three months ago.

• Marela cast a spell to make sure the lector arrived on the ship.

• Finally, one of the last people off of the ship is the new lector, Juan Julian.

Act 1, Scene 2

• The scene shifts...

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