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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Terray and Rebuffat help Herzog and Lachenal?
(a) By rubbing their hands and feet.
(b) By carrying them down the mountain.
(c) By making food for them.
(d) By making shelters for them.

2. Who went to help Herzog and Lachenal at the edge of the Sickle glacier?
(a) Sarki.
(b) Dr. Oudot.
(c) Rebuffat.
(d) Schatz.

3. What did Herzog confide to Terray in Camp II?
(a) That he was not feeling well.
(b) That the others would probably die.
(c) That the Sherpas were unhappy.
(d) That the two of them would probably be the first to summit.

4. What threatened Herzog's fingers and toes?
(a) Infection.
(b) Gangrene.
(c) The rigors of getting him out of the valley.
(d) Insects.

5. What news did Herzog receive from Sherpas?
(a) That Couzy had left himself.
(b) That Terray had forged ahead.
(c) That supplies would be arriving.
(d) That the summit had been cleared for an attempt.

6. Where did the Sherpas stay when Lachenal and Herzog stayed at Camp IV?
(a) At Camp V.
(b) At Camp III.
(c) At Camp II.
(d) At Base Camp.

7. What was Terray's response to the information that Herzog confided in him?
(a) He offered to go back for more supplies.
(b) He offered to dispel the tension among the other climbers.
(c) He offered to start negotiating with the Sherpas.
(d) He offered to start taking more equipment up the mountain.

8. What news did Schatz take with him to Camp II?
(a) That Rebuffat and Terray would organize Camp IV the next day.
(b) That supplies were being sent from Base Camp.
(c) That the Sherpas were unhappy.
(d) That the monsoon was approaching.

9. What was the weather like as Herzog and Lachenal were making their way down?
(a) Skies were clear.
(b) Snow was blowing.
(c) It was raining.
(d) High winds were blowing.

10. Who was Herzog tied to for the descent?
(a) Schatz and Lachenal.
(b) Two Sherpas.
(c) Rebuffat and Terray.
(d) Lachenal.

11. Why had Herzog lost sight of things upon returning to camp?
(a) He was in pain from his injuries.
(b) He was totally exhausted.
(c) He was overjoyed to report his achievement.
(d) He was sick with altitude sickness.

12. What did Herzog receive in Katmandu?
(a) Prosthetic hands.
(b) Money from France.
(c) Honors from the Maharajah of Nepal.
(d) Citations for traveling without permits.

13. What did Herzog learn about the weather?
(a) That the monsoon was moving in their direction.
(b) That there was massive flooding trapping them at their location.
(c) That the weather would be clear for their descent.
(d) That snows was approaching.

14. Which of the following was the source that Dr. Oudot used to restock his medical supplies?
(a) Stores in Tinigaon.
(b) A nearby city.
(c) The gear in Manangbhot.
(d) The gear in Tukucha.

15. What did the climbers in Camp I share?
(a) Cake.
(b) Champagne.
(c) Cognac and wine.
(d) Water.

Short Answer Questions

1. At whose mercy did Herzog ultimately collapse?

2. What gear did Herzog lose after reaching the summit?

3. What terrified Herzog on his way out?

4. Which of the following was used to lower Herzog?

5. What news did Herzog get about the weather?

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