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Chapter 1

• The story begins on Mr. Jones' farm. Mr. Jones goes to bed drunk, and the rest of the animals gather to hear a speech by Old Major, a pig.
• Old Major makes a speech telling the animals how bad life is for the animals. He blames man for all of the animals' problems.
• The animals listen to Old Major's speech and work themselves into a frenzy. They begin singing "Beasts of England" until Farmer Jones fires shots into the air to quiet everyone down.

Chapter 2

• Old Major dies in his sleep, but his ideas and message lives on in the rest of the animals on the farm.
• The pigs organize the animals into a group, which will have a revolution.

• The revolution drives all the humans off the farm. The animals celebrate this and rename the farm, "Animal Farm."
• The animals live under the Seven Commandments of...

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