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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Codi and Hallie sleep?
(a) In their own beds.
(b) Together on the floor.
(c) Together in one bed.
(d) In their parents' bed.

2. In his flashback, why is Homer Noline searching for Codi and Hallie?
(a) They are caught in a storm.
(b) They have run away from home.
(c) They are hiding from him.
(d) They have been kidnapped.

3. Codi discovers a plot with what family name on it?
(a) Norrman.
(b) Nolina.
(c) Navarro.
(d) Noline.

4. Homer Noline's family were the offspring of which of the Gracela sisters?
(a) The red-haired one.
(b) The blonde one.
(c) The auburn-haired one.
(d) The brunette one.

5. With what disease is the narrator's father afflicted?
(a) Senility.
(b) A brain tumor.
(c) Alzheimer's.
(d) Parkinson's.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Homer do for Codi when she lost her baby?

2. How long was Codi dating her baby's father?

3. What do Codi and Loyd visit en route to Whiteriver?

4. Who is watching Codi and Hallie in Chapter 1?

5. Emelina tells Codi that what person will be attending the fiesta?

Short Essay Questions

1. In his Chapter 10 flashback, how does Homer feel about Codi's situation?

2. How does the Stitch and Bitch Club decide to use all the money they have earned from artwork sales and contributions?

3. How have Homer's attitudes about the people in Grace affected Codi's life?

4. What about Codi confuses her father when she confronts him about the tombstone in Chapter 15?

5. What has happened to the Apaches since gold was found in Grace?

6. What does the Stitch and Bitch Club do to raise money to fight the mining company?

7. What does Codi tell the Stitch and Bitch Club when invited to speak to it about the plight of the river?

8. What is the subject of Homer's memory in Chapter 10?

9. How does Codi feel about her father's diagnosis of Alzheimer's?

10. What is Loyd's reaction when Codi tells him about their lost baby?

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