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Objective: The opening scene of the novel establishes the close relationship between Codi and Hallie and the somewhat aloof one between the girls and their father. The objective of this lesson is to explore these relationships, crucial to the novel, in greater detail.

1) In-class writing assignment: What does the opening scene tell you about the relationships existing between Codi, Hallie, and Homer?

2) In-class group work: What type of a parent do you think Homer is, based on this opening scene?

3) In-class discussion: Why are the girls sleeping in the same bed? Why would they want their father to think they hadn't? What about the girls touches their father? What is the relationship between the two girls? What is the relationship between their father and them? What type of parent does the father seem to be, judging by this opening scene?

4) Homework: Research the holiday of El Dia...

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