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El Dia de los Muertos

Plan a Day of the Dead celebration, including, for example, a menu, decorations, music, ceremonial dances, and so forth. If time allows, the celebration could take place in class.


Find recipes for food that might be cooked in the Southwestern U.S., in the area in which "Animal Dreams" takes place. If time allows, the food could be cooked and brought in to share with the class.


Using various forms of media (magazines, newspapers, the Internet), find pictures of traditional artwork from the Southwestern U.S. and, if possible, display them in the classroom.


Find examples of traditional music from the Southwestern U.S. If time allows, these pieces could be presented in class.


Find examples of myths from Native American tribes in the Southwestern U.S. If possible, these myths could be shared with the class.

Local Environmental Issues

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