Animal Dreams Character Descriptions

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Do├▒a Althea - This member of the knitting club is described as "fierce and miniature like a frightening breed of small dog."

Carlo - This character is an emergency room doctor who never settles long in one place.

Uda Dell - This character is a widow who sometimes took care of the main character over a period of approximately ten years.

Emelina Domingos - This character is practical and capable and becomes the main character's confidante.

Juan Teobaldo Domingos - This character works on the railroad and is out of town most of the time.

Viola Domingos - This character is proud of her Hispanic cultural heritage and wants her grandchildren to speak Spanish and know their own culture.

Doc Homer - See Homer Noline

Codi Noline - See Cosima Noline

Cosima Noline - The narrator of the story, this character is highly intelligent and...

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