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Chapter 1

• Two little girls, Cosima and Halimeda, sleep together in one bed, leaving the other unmade, while their father watches. They are tired from helping a friend decorate an ancestor's grave.

• While watching them, their father decides that they will not take part in the Day of All Souls celebration because it is too morbid. He reflects on all they have lost in their short lives and how close they are.

Chapter 2

• The narrator is now one of the sisters---the one that "didn't go to war." (Later in the chapter, we find out it is Cosima, or Codi.) She recalls her sister's decision to leave Tucson and work in Nicaragua and how painful the separation is.

• The narrator tells of leaving Tucson also, to go to Grace, Arizona, where she and her sister were born and raised. She arrives in mid-morning and feels like a stranger, though little...

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