Anil's Ghost Character Descriptions

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Anil Tissera

This character is born in Sri Lanka. She leaves at 18 to study medicine in England, but becomes a forensic anthropologist.

Sarath Diyasena

This character is an archaeologist assigned to work with a forensic anthropologist from a human rights group in Geneva. He has always lived in Sri Lanka except for a short time when he studied in China.

Gamini Diyasena

This character is a medical doctor who spent a lot of time working in base hospitals in the north. For most of the story, he is working as a doctor in Colombo.


This character is an elderly woman who brought up a woman who became a forensic anthropologist. She lives with her grandson.

Nelson K. Tissera

This character was a doctor who was killed in an auto accident with his wife before the story begins. He had a daughter who became a forensic anthropologist.



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