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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Robbie's reaction when Jas asked if he and Lindsay were engaged?
(a) He denied it, but Jas thought he was lying.
(b) He admitted it was true, but didn't seem happy about it.
(c) He readily admitted it was true.
(d) He was stunned, and wanted to know who told her that.

2. Who comes in the house while Georgia is at home in the July chapter?
(a) Georgia's father.
(b) Mum and Jem.
(c) A burglar.
(d) Jas.

3. What does Jas tell Georgia about her upcoming meeting with Robbie?
(a) That it is only coffee for now, and if anything more happens, Georgia will be first to know.
(b) Jas has no intention of going to the meeting, she just wanted Robbie to go away.
(c) Jas says Georgia has no right to be angry, because she isn't officially dating Robbie.
(d) Jas wouldn't consider dating Robbie, she just wants to know why he asked her.

4. Who calls Georgia at the beginning of the July chapter?
(a) Jas.
(b) Rosie.
(c) Robbie.
(d) Lindsay.

5. Why is Georgia angry at her mother in the June chapter?
(a) Mum won't let Georgia dye her hair blonde.
(b) Georgia gets grounded for sneaking out.
(c) Mum makes Georgia stay home to watch Libby.
(d) Georgia thinks Mum is having an affair with Jem.

6. What does Tom joke about telling Robbie?
(a) Georgia getting dressed after a dare.
(b) Georgia dancing and singing in her pajamas.
(c) Georgia eating a whole pint of ice cream.
(d) Georgia kissing Sven.

7. What does Georgia do with Mum's gown when it shrinks in the wash?
(a) She puts it back in her mother's drawer and plans to feign ignorance.
(b) She makes it into a bed for Angus.
(c) She throws it away.
(d) She hides it in her wardrobe.

8. What movie do the girls watch at their slumber party?
(a) "Titanic."
(b) "Grease."
(c) "Purple Rain."
(d) "Gone With the Wind."

9. Georgia and Jas dress in black and wear hats, emulating who?
(a) The Spanish Inquisition.
(b) The Black Cats.
(c) The French Resistance.
(d) The British Revolution.

10. Who ends up winning the semifinals?
(a) Jackie.
(b) Allison.
(c) Jas.
(d) Lindsay.

11. Who might Georgia have to play against in her sport's finals?
(a) Jackie.
(b) Allison.
(c) Jas.
(d) Lindsay.

12. Why does Georgia have to forfeit?
(a) She cheats.
(b) She shows up late.
(c) She hits Hawkeye with her racket, and it knocks her out.
(d) Her friends are too loud cheering her on.

13. What conclusion do Georgia and Jas reach about the relationship between Robbie and Lindsay?
(a) Lindsay is faking the engagement, and Robbie doesn't like her that much.
(b) The feelings Lindsay has for him are mutual.
(c) Jas and Georgia couldn't agree on the way Robbie and Lindsay feel about one another.
(d) Despite the ring, Robbie likes Lindsay more than she likes him.

14. What is Lindsay doing while Jas is meeting with Robbie?
(a) Going to a movie with her friends.
(b) Playing badminton.
(c) Preparing for a date with Robbie that evening.
(d) Going on a date with Tom.

15. What does Georgia use her mother's gown for?
(a) Wiping up the blood after shaving.
(b) Toweling off her hair.
(c) Wrapping Angus up.
(d) Hiding a stain on her bed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What thrills Georgia during Jem's first visit?

2. How does Lindsay's neighbor respond to Jas's story?

3. Who is the teacher of the class when Georgia gets in trouble?

4. What does Robbie ask Jas in the February chapter?

5. Georgia has to separate Angus from what in the February chapter?

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