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Short Answer Questions

1. Later, after Audrey sneaks into Slip's yard in the dark, what does she build, intended as a gesture of peace?

2. After the circus, the ladies gather at Kari's for what?

3. Mr. Paradise proposes to Merit when he discovers that she is what?

4. Stuart blames whom for his condition?

5. Audrey arranges for whom to join the book club?

Short Essay Questions

1. Do you feel that it was right for Kari to be so attached to her dog and so upset that it died?

2. Describe the changes in Fred in this section of the book.

3. How is Slip's illness reminiscent of the opening of the book and what could it mean in reference to the beginning of the book?

4. Do you think it was right for Audrey to let Grant join the Angry Housewives book club?

5. Does Mary Jo have the right attitude toward Kari and Julia?

6. How does Faith initially react to hearing that Beau is gay and that Shelby is a man?

7. How did Faith's mother die?

8. How does Kari finally tell Julia the truth and what happens, as a result?

9. What unusual turn does the book club meeting take, when Slip hosts it?

10. What is the difference between Mr. Paradise and Eric, Merit's ex-husband?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Eric, Faith and Kari, especially, are very much affected by their pasts in the novel.

Part 1. List at least two examples each where each of the characters of Faith, Eric and Kari are affected by their pasts.

Part 2. Why do you think that, in general, people's pasts affect their futures and do you think that those affects are always negative? Why or why not?

Part 3. Have you ever been affected by your past? If so, in what way?

Essay Topic 2

None of the women seem to do well alone. Even when they divorce, they seek out companionship, such as when Audrey and Grant move in together.

Part 1. Do you feel that it was right for Audrey and Grant to move in together? Why or why not?

Part 2. Do you feel that it was right for Merit to marry Mr. Paradise? Why or why not?

Part 3. If your spouse died or divorced you, would you stay single or date or marry again and why would you make that choice?

Essay Topic 3

Perspective changes everything in the book. For example, Slip is mad at Faith over Faith's lying, until Slip's son points out that, from his perspective, Slip has led a charmed life and should cut Faith a little slack. Describe three situations from the book and how each situation was viewed differently by at least two characters.

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