Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons Fun Activities

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Choose and Describe Your Favorite Character

Choose the character from the book club only, not the entire novel, that you like the best. Write an essay describing what that character is like and why you like them. Also, describe in what ways you are similar to and different from the character. Note that you may choose Grant as your character, if you like.

Draw the Angry Housewives Book Club

Draw how you think the Angry Housewives book club would have looked when the club first started. Then, draw how you envision them looking during their thirtieth reunion. Remember to include Grant in the thirtieth reunion drawing. Bring your drawings in and explain them to the class.

Discuss Your Own Book Club Book

This novel is about a book club. In the spirit of the novel, choose your own favorite book and prepare a five minute report about it...

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