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Prologue: September 1998, Faith

• The novel follows five friends over the course of thirty years, through the trials and tribulations of marriage, motherhood, and everyday life.

• Together the women guide each other through the darkness to find the light of love and friendship at the end of the road.
• Five women are sitting around a hospital room. One is knitting, one is sleeping, and the others are either reading or daydreaming.

• When a nurse comes in to check the patient she mistakes the ladies for sisters despite their obvious physical differences.

• The women are members of a book club, they explain to the nurse.

Part One: 1968-1970, The Members

• Faith has just moved to Minnesota from Texas because her husband has taken a job based there.

• Faith's husband, Wade, is a pilot, which means Faith is often left alone with her twin babies, Beau and Bonnie.

• Across the street...

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