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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Susan do instead?
(a) Stops writing and illustrating
(b) Takes a steamer to China
(c) Returns to Boise
(d) Moves in with Augusta

2. What does Susan encourage Augusta and Thomas to do?
(a) Buy shares in the irrigation project
(b) Send her roses
(c) Send her more money
(d) Make a homestead claim in the canyon

3. Who is watching the ballgame with Lyman when Ellen appears?
(a) Oliver, Susan, and Ollie
(b) Pricey and Frank
(c) Ollie, Agnes and Betsy
(d) Al, Shelley, Ed and Ada

4. What is their cook's name?
(a) Robert Mancel
(b) Hop Sing
(c) Julia Child
(d) Charley Wan

5. Where did Shelley get the manifesto?
(a) Her boyfriend Larry gave it to her
(b) Rodman sent it to her
(c) Lyman handed it to her
(d) She found it in Ada's purse

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Susan like about the Boise Canyon?

2. What happened to Agnes?

3. What happened to Frank Sargeant?

4. Why does the Ward family have to move from Boise into the canyon?

5. Who is Emelita?

Short Essay Questions

1. Are they able to resolve their differences and move on?

2. What is the tone of Susan's letter to Augusta in this chapter?

3. In this chapter, how does Susan's relationship with Frank Sargeant change?

4. Why does Lyman feel more depressed than interested at this point in his writing work ?

5. Why do Oliver and Susan argue when he returns from the mine inspection in Mexico?

6. How has the Wards' life changed, and how has it stayed the same?

7. What is the underlying message to Augusta in Susan's letter from Mexico?

8. How does this chapter highlight the dangers of the West, and how does the author foreshadow the end of happy times for the Wards?

9. Do the Wards reach an angle of repose during this period? What is threatening to cause that balance to shift?

10. What is Susan's impression of Mexico?

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