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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Oliver's next mining job?
(a) New Almaden
(b) Deadwood in the Black Hills of the Dakotas
(c) Santa Cruz
(d) Bolivia

2. What was the issue between Susan and Oliver that clouded their trip to Leadville?
(a) Susan wanted to drive the wagon
(b) Oliver was drinking
(c) Oliver had to whip the horses to keep the wagon from going over a cliff, and Susan felt he was being cruel and mean
(d) Oliver would not stop so Susan could draw

3. What is the reason for the Wards' financial problems when Susan arrives?
(a) Oliver has lost his job
(b) Oliver has an opium habit
(c) The mine supervisor originally said the improvements to the Ward home would be paid for by the mine, then changed his mind
(d) Susan has spent too much money on her wardrobe

4. What does Lyman originally think of Shelley?
(a) that she is attractive and fun
(b) That she is loud and brazen, completely different from his grandmother who was genteel and always dressed impeccably
(c) that she will steal his story ideas and write her own book
(d) that she is shy and boring

5. Why is the baby nicknamed Ollie?
(a) It is short for Olivia
(b) Because Lizzie cannot pronounce the baby's name
(c) It is a shortened version of his first name, Oliver, and saves from being confused with his father in the story.
(d) It was the name of Susan's childhood friend

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the author use Shelley to expand the storyline?

2. Why doesn't Ollie come with Susan to Leadville?

3. What odd presents did Oliver send from Leadville to Susan and Ollie in Milton?

4. Who is Marian Prouse?

5. Why is Susan angry at Oliver?

Short Essay Questions

1. What makes Lyman wonder about his grandmother's sexual preferences?

2. What is Susan's attitude towards her marriage and new life in this chapter?

3. Why do Lyman and Al become better friends in the present than they were as children?

4. Why doesn't Susan want Oliver to accept the job in Bolivia?

5. Why was it so unusual for Susan to enter the mine at New Almaden?

6. Why is Lyman so uncomfortable around Shelley?

7. Why is Oliver unsuccessful in his attempts to market his invention?

8. Is life harmonious and happy for the Wards in Leadville?

9. Is Susan a good caretaker?

10. What characteristics are further brought out once Susan joins her husband in New Almaden?

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