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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Rodman is concerned about his father living alone because
(a) Lyman is disabled and his caretakers are also elderly
(b) Rodman is afraid Ada will steal Lyman's money
(c) Rodman wants to live in Zodiac Cottage by himself
(d) Rodman is romantically interested in Shelley

2. Why is Susan angry at Oliver?
(a) Because he did not put the toilet seat down
(b) Because she wanted him to continue working there
(c) Because Oliver finishes his assignments for the company before departing.
(d) Because he turned down the severance pay

3. Who is Shelley Rasmussen?
(a) She is the daughter of Ada, the Housekeeper and becomes Lyman's transcriptionist
(b) Lyman's longtime girlfriend
(c) The gardener's wife
(d) Ada's lesbian lover

4. What is the reason for the Wards' financial problems when Susan arrives?
(a) Susan has spent too much money on her wardrobe
(b) Oliver has lost his job
(c) Oliver has an opium habit
(d) The mine supervisor originally said the improvements to the Ward home would be paid for by the mine, then changed his mind

5. Who is Clarence King?
(a) Susan's employer
(b) Frank's father
(c) Oliver's boss
(d) Director of the Geological Survey and a writer

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Ferd Ward?

2. What is Susan's new form of income?

3. Why does Oliver quit the New Almaden mine?

4. When they arrive at the cabin, where is Pricey?

5. Why does Lyman begin fictionalizing his grandparents' lives in a novel?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Susan's embarrassment with her husband's social abilities highlighted in this chapter?

2. Why is Lyman resistant to Shelley's writing suggestions?

3. What is Susan's state of mind in this chapter?

4. Why do Lyman and Al become better friends in the present than they were as children?

5. In what ways in this chapter does the author remind the reader of Susan's issues?

6. What does Lyman hope to accomplish during the writing about his grandparents' lives?

7. How does the servant girl Lizzie provide an example to Susan of the western way of life?

8. How are the scenes in this chapter different from all the ones before and after as far as the marriage between Oliver and Susan?

9. How is Susan's transformation into a western woman exemplified in this chapter?

10. How are the 24 canaries sent to Shelley like the elk head sent to Susan?

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