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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Susan's first clue that her marriage may not be everything she has dreamed?
(a) Oliver gives her the wrong address of their new home
(b) Oliver says another woman's name at the wedding service
(c) Oliver disappears on their wedding night
(d) Oliver fails to send her train fare to join him in California

2. Why does Susan find the advice confusing?
(a) Susan has a hearing problem
(b) Mrs. Elliott is recommending Susan make her husband happy, after Mrs. Elliott has endorsed womens rights.
(c) Susan does not speak Mrs. Elliott's language
(d) Susan is unable to understand the situation

3. What is a good description of the Ward home?
(a) Tumble down shack
(b) House trailer
(c) Wide veranda, clean and comfortable house
(d) A section of a boardinghouse

4. Why does Lyman Ward return to his family home?
(a) To serve as a marriage counselor to Ada.
(b) To drink beer and watch television all day long.
(c) To start a relationship with Shelley Rasmussen.
(d) To escape from the present and explore his family's history for answers to his own life.

5. How does the small Ward cabin figure in Leadville society?
(a) Susan's wit, conversational abilities and homemaking skills make it a welcome gathering spot for a wide variety of cultures and people.
(b) It has no signifigance whatsoever
(c) The Leadville children think it is haunted
(d) It is located near the train station

Short Answer Questions

1. There is trouble in Leadville with Oliver's claim. What has happened?

2. What is Susan's new form of income?

3. What does Lyman originally think of Shelley?

4. What was the issue between Susan and Oliver that clouded their trip to Leadville?

5. Who is Pricey?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do Lyman and Al become better friends in the present than they were as children?

2. Why are Shelley's problems critical to the story?

3. How does Susan present her New Almaden life to Augusta in their correspondence?

4. What is Susan's attitude about her one-room shack in Leadville?

5. Explain how Susan and Oliver reach a certain angle of repose while living in New Almaden?

6. Why was it so unusual for Susan to enter the mine at New Almaden?

7. How are the 24 canaries sent to Shelley like the elk head sent to Susan?

8. Why did Oliver resign from the New Almaden Mine?

9. Why are Mrs. Elliott's suggestions so confusing to Susan?

10. How does the servant girl Lizzie provide an example to Susan of the western way of life?

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