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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After several years of waiting for financial backers, what happens to Frank and Wiley?
(a) They begin writing and illustrating
(b) They get other jobs
(c) They join the army
(d) They get married

2. When the money runs out and the group is facing a winter of no work, what do they decide to do?
(a) Hibernate for the winter
(b) Move back to town and go on welfare
(c) Build a house for Susan, Oliver and their children
(d) Get jobs in other cities

3. What does Lyman do about his dream?
(a) Calls his wife and tells her
(b) Writes about it in a letter to Rodman
(c) Records it on tape
(d) Writes it down

4. How does Lyman's wife tell him she is leaving him for his surgeon?
(a) She sends him a telegram
(b) She calls him on the phone
(c) She writes a note and places it on his hospital bed stand.
(d) She tells him in person

5. When does the Ward family get to move into their new house?
(a) Christmas Eve
(b) Labor Day
(c) April 15th
(d) New Years Day

6. How does Susan occupy her time during the years the Wards are waiting for financial backing on the irrigation project?
(a) Doing portraits for money
(b) Teaching the town children
(c) Writing novels and continuing her illustrations for books and magazines
(d) Sewing quilts and selling them in Boise

7. How long does Ollie stay away from his family after leaving Boise to attend St. Paul's in 1890?
(a) Ten years
(b) three months
(c) Twenty years
(d) 5 years

8. How does Susan occupy her time while Oliver and the others are inspecting the mine?
(a) She takes long rides in the country
(b) She watches television
(c) She works on her illustrations and writing
(d) She assists Emelita in cleaning the house

9. What is Susan doing in this chapter just before Oliver returns home?
(a) cleaning house
(b) Drawing
(c) cooking
(d) sleeping

10. Who is Nellie Linton?
(a) Augusta's nanny
(b) Lizzie's mother
(c) A teacher and nanny from England who lives with the Wards in the canyon
(d) Susan's mother

11. Who is Ollie's benefactor at St. Paul's?
(a) Dr. Rhinelander
(b) Thomas Hudson
(c) Rodman
(d) Lizzie

12. What observations does Shelley share with Lyman about his grandfather?
(a) Oliver was not a nice person
(b) Oliver was not in love with Susan
(c) Oliver had borrowed money from eveyrone
(d) Everyone in Grass Valley knew Oliver was an alcoholic

13. Why is Susan upset with Oliver?
(a) He was late arriving from Boise
(b) He forgot to bring her a present
(c) He has taken on an irrigation project instead of a mining job and did not tell her
(d) He brought another elk head with him

14. Where does Susan send Ollie for his education?
(a) To Boise High School
(b) To Santa Cruz
(c) To Mexico
(d) To St. Paul's, a school back east near Augusta and Thomas

15. Who is Lyman's father?
(a) Ollie
(b) Frank
(c) Oliver
(d) Pricey

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Lyman's main concern at this point

2. Who is Susan finally reunited with after Mexico?

3. What is their cook's name?

4. Who has returned to the canyon to help with the new efforts on the irrigation scheme?

5. Who joins the Wards in the irrigation project as an employee?

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