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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the purpose of Oliver's visit to the Michoacan mine
(a) To locate a missing engineer
(b) To become a citizen of Mexico
(c) To buy property
(d) To determine whether reports of a rich vein of silver is true

2. How does Susan occupy her time while Oliver and the others are inspecting the mine?
(a) She takes long rides in the country
(b) She watches television
(c) She works on her illustrations and writing
(d) She assists Emelita in cleaning the house

3. Susan is searching Oliver's eyes to see if he is still drinking. What is Oliver looking for in Susan's eyes?
(a) Resentment about the new house
(b) Cataracts
(c) Feelings for Frank Sargeant
(d) To see if she is still in love with him

4. Of what does Oliver accuse Susan?
(a) Not having faith in him
(b) Being a bad housewife
(c) Sleeping with the cook
(d) Stealing money

5. How did Oliver know someone had come to see Susan while he and the children were gone?
(a) Nellie had told Oliver someone was there
(b) Oliver could smell smoke from a cigarette
(c) Frank left his gloves on the rail
(d) Oliver had come back early and seen them

6. Who is Bradford Burns?
(a) A friend of Augusta's
(b) One of Frank's friends
(c) A lawyer who files claims on land belonging to Augusta & Thomas, and to Bessie and John
(d) A fellow writer

7. What is the conclusion of the discussion between Oliver and Susan in Mexico?
(a) They must stay in Mexico
(b) They must return to Santa Cruz
(c) They cannot stay in Mexico and cannot go back to Leadville.
(d) The must return to New Almaden

8. What observations does Shelley share with Lyman about his grandfather?
(a) Oliver was not a nice person
(b) Everyone in Grass Valley knew Oliver was an alcoholic
(c) Oliver was not in love with Susan
(d) Oliver had borrowed money from eveyrone

9. As the irrigation project becomes less and less of a reality, Susan writes and illustrates more. What does Oliver do to relieve his frustration?
(a) Learns another language
(b) Finds another woman
(c) Builds another house
(d) Drinks heavily

10. How is this project funded?
(a) The men find a rich vein of silver in a mine
(b) From Susan's earnings as a writer and illustrator
(c) They get a grant from the government
(d) They borrow the money from Frank's family

11. Lyman is thinking about his wife in this chapter. What is her name?
(a) Susan
(b) Ada
(c) Ellen
(d) Lizzie

12. How does the author tell the reader about Susan and Oliver's life after the irrigation project failed?
(a) Another letter from Susan to Augusta
(b) Lyman writes a poem
(c) Lyman tells Ellen the rest of the story
(d) Newspaper clippings about San Francisco

13. What does Shelley ask Lyman?
(a) If she should go back with Larry and live in the commune
(b) If he will loan her money
(c) If he is interested in her mother
(d) If he will marry her

14. What does Lyman do about his dream?
(a) Writes it down
(b) Writes about it in a letter to Rodman
(c) Records it on tape
(d) Calls his wife and tells her

15. What does Frank tell Susan before he leaves the canyon?
(a) He is marrying Nellie
(b) He is not coming back
(c) He is still in love with her and cannot bear to see her pregnant again with Oliver's child
(d) He is leaving her all of his money

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Susan intend to do when she returns to the East Coast after Frank's death?

2. Why is Oliver upset with Susan in this chapter?

3. When Lyman's mother dies, who takes responsibility for his education?

4. What religion is Susan Ward?

5. What memory does Susan reflect upon as she and Oliver prepare to leave Mexico?

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