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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old is Ollie when he is first sent away to school?
(a) 5
(b) 18
(c) 12
(d) 14

2. What does Frank do in an attempt to right matters concerning the jumped claims?
(a) He talks to the governor
(b) He asks Burns to sell the Wards back one of the claims
(c) He tries to borrow money from Augusta
(d) He files a lawsuit

3. Who is Emelita?
(a) Don Gustavo's pet dog
(b) Oliver's mother
(c) Susan's sister
(d) Don Gustavo's sister-in-law and housekeeper

4. What are the names of the Ward children?
(a) Ollie, Betsy and Agnes
(b) Ollie, Nellie and Elliott
(c) Susan, Betsy and Bessie
(d) Rodman, Ollie and Susan

5. How does the author tell the reader about Susan and Oliver's life after the irrigation project failed?
(a) Lyman tells Ellen the rest of the story
(b) Newspaper clippings about San Francisco
(c) Lyman writes a poem
(d) Another letter from Susan to Augusta

6. Susan is searching Oliver's eyes to see if he is still drinking. What is Oliver looking for in Susan's eyes?
(a) Resentment about the new house
(b) Cataracts
(c) To see if she is still in love with him
(d) Feelings for Frank Sargeant

7. What does Susan do instead?
(a) Returns to Boise
(b) Stops writing and illustrating
(c) Moves in with Augusta
(d) Takes a steamer to China

8. What does Susan ask of Oliver that he cannot give her?
(a) Stop smoking
(b) Stop drinking
(c) Stop being an engineer
(d) Stop riding horses

9. Where does Frank touch Susan that makes her yearn for him?
(a) Her bare foot
(b) Her hair
(c) Her shoulder
(d) Her hand

10. What is Susan's observation about the lives of Mexican women?
(a) They spend all their time in school
(b) They are free to do what they like
(c) They are all ignorant
(d) They are all prisoners in the male-dominated society

11. How did Ollie almost lose his life in the canyon?
(a) He slipped on a bridge and almost went into the swift, cold river
(b) He was bitten by a snake
(c) He fell off his horse
(d) He got lost in the plains

12. How did Oliver know someone had come to see Susan while he and the children were gone?
(a) Frank left his gloves on the rail
(b) Nellie had told Oliver someone was there
(c) Oliver had come back early and seen them
(d) Oliver could smell smoke from a cigarette

13. How does Susan occupy her time during the years the Wards are waiting for financial backing on the irrigation project?
(a) Writing novels and continuing her illustrations for books and magazines
(b) Sewing quilts and selling them in Boise
(c) Doing portraits for money
(d) Teaching the town children

14. Of what does Oliver accuse Susan?
(a) Sleeping with the cook
(b) Being a bad housewife
(c) Not having faith in him
(d) Stealing money

15. What is the conclusion of the discussion between Oliver and Susan in Mexico?
(a) They must return to Santa Cruz
(b) The must return to New Almaden
(c) They must stay in Mexico
(d) They cannot stay in Mexico and cannot go back to Leadville.

Short Answer Questions

1. Susan is distressed about leaving and encourages her husband to do what?

2. Where is the commune going to be located?

3. Why does the Ward family have to move from Boise into the canyon?

4. What does Susan like about the Boise Canyon?

5. How does Lyman's wife tell him she is leaving him for his surgeon?

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