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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Bradford Burns?
(a) A friend of Augusta's
(b) One of Frank's friends
(c) A fellow writer
(d) A lawyer who files claims on land belonging to Augusta & Thomas, and to Bessie and John

2. Who is Lyman's father?
(a) Frank
(b) Pricey
(c) Oliver
(d) Ollie

3. Where did Shelley get the manifesto?
(a) Rodman sent it to her
(b) Lyman handed it to her
(c) She found it in Ada's purse
(d) Her boyfriend Larry gave it to her

4. What news does Oliver have when he returns to Don Gustavo's house after seeing the mine?
(a) Don Gustavo fell off his horse
(b) The mine is full of silver
(c) There is no money to be made in the mine and the early reports were incorrect.
(d) The other men laughed at his clothes

5. To what does Shelley compare the commune?
(a) Living in San Francisco
(b) Susan's home on the mesa in Boise Canyon
(c) Thoreau's Walden
(d) A native american tribe

6. What is the next mining job for Oliver?
(a) Michoacan, Mexico
(b) San Francisco CA
(c) Tunisia
(d) Morroco

7. How does Oliver look in the procession of people headed to the mine for inspection?
(a) Like an eastern gentleman
(b) Like a prince
(c) Out of place in his Colorado gear, while eveyrone else is dressed in splendor
(d) Like an Indian

8. In this book, to what does the Angle of Repose refer?
(a) The pitch at which a stair should be constructed
(b) The name of a cemetary
(c) The feeling just before you pass away
(d) The angle at which a man and woman finally lie down.

9. What sort of paperwork does Shelley give Lyman to read?
(a) A letter from Ellen Ward
(b) A manifesto prepared by Larry for a commune
(c) Divorce papers
(d) A letter from Shelley's mother

10. When the money runs out and the group is facing a winter of no work, what do they decide to do?
(a) Get jobs in other cities
(b) Hibernate for the winter
(c) Build a house for Susan, Oliver and their children
(d) Move back to town and go on welfare

11. Where does Susan take the children when she and Oliver separate this time?
(a) Augusta's home
(b) Santa Cruz, CA
(c) Victoria, British Columbia
(d) Milton, NY

12. What does Susan ask of Oliver that he cannot give her?
(a) Stop riding horses
(b) Stop being an engineer
(c) Stop smoking
(d) Stop drinking

13. What is their cook's name?
(a) Robert Mancel
(b) Charley Wan
(c) Julia Child
(d) Hop Sing

14. What task has Oliver given to Susan while he is gone?
(a) To write to her family for money
(b) To find a house if he decides to take the job
(c) To buy some pots
(d) To spy on Emelita

15. What is the proposition made to her that night?
(a) Augusta asks her to run away with her
(b) Frank asks her to run away with him
(c) Nellie asks her to become a teacher and start a school
(d) Mrs. Elliott asks her to buy the boardinghouse

Short Answer Questions

1. What brings her back to the canyon in Idaho?

2. Who is Don Gustavo?

3. What does Susan do instead?

4. Who is Nellie Linton?

5. As the irrigation project becomes less and less of a reality, Susan writes and illustrates more. What does Oliver do to relieve his frustration?

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