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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Susan perceive the move to Boise?
(a) A chance for her children to grow up in the West
(b) An opportunity to write more
(c) As going into exile
(d) A grand adventure

2. Susan says the trip to Mexico was to her, like a trip to two Old World cities - which ones?
(a) Paris and Rome
(b) Istanbul and Madrid
(c) London and Berlin
(d) Boston and New York

3. What job offer does Oliver finally take?
(a) Accompanying John Wesley Powell in the Geographical Survey
(b) Teacher in Boise
(c) Superintendent of the New Almaden Mine
(d) Hunting guide for Teddy Roosevelt

4. What does Susan intend to do when she returns to the East Coast after Frank's death?
(a) Marry Thomas Hudson
(b) Build a monument to Frank
(c) Get an apartment in New York and continue her career
(d) Go into business with Nellie

5. What surprise does Oliver have for Susan?
(a) He has built her a house on the mesa
(b) He has learned a new language
(c) He has bought her some flowers
(d) He has brought her family from MIlton

6. What happened to Agnes?
(a) She got pregnant by Frank Sargeant and left town
(b) She drowned
(c) She became a teacher
(d) She got married

7. How does Lyman's wife tell him she is leaving him for his surgeon?
(a) She tells him in person
(b) She calls him on the phone
(c) She sends him a telegram
(d) She writes a note and places it on his hospital bed stand.

8. What news does Oliver have when he returns to Don Gustavo's house after seeing the mine?
(a) Don Gustavo fell off his horse
(b) There is no money to be made in the mine and the early reports were incorrect.
(c) The mine is full of silver
(d) The other men laughed at his clothes

9. What happened to Frank Sargeant?
(a) He ran off with Susan
(b) He shot himself in the head
(c) He married Nellie
(d) He ran off with Agnes

10. What memory does Susan reflect upon as she and Oliver prepare to leave Mexico?
(a) Her last meeting with Augusta
(b) Her last conversation with Frank Sargeant when he confesses his love for her
(c) Her wedding night
(d) A childhood day of play

11. After several years of waiting for financial backers, what happens to Frank and Wiley?
(a) They get other jobs
(b) They begin writing and illustrating
(c) They join the army
(d) They get married

12. Who has returned to the canyon to help with the new efforts on the irrigation scheme?
(a) Thomas Hudson, Frank, and Lizzie
(b) Mr. and Mrs. Elliott
(c) Don Gustavo, Emelito
(d) Frank, John, Wiley and the cook Wan

13. What task has Oliver given to Susan while he is gone?
(a) To spy on Emelita
(b) To find a house if he decides to take the job
(c) To write to her family for money
(d) To buy some pots

14. What are the names of the Ward children?
(a) Ollie, Betsy and Agnes
(b) Susan, Betsy and Bessie
(c) Rodman, Ollie and Susan
(d) Ollie, Nellie and Elliott

15. How old is Shelley in this chapter?
(a) 15
(b) 60
(c) 35
(d) 20

Short Answer Questions

1. What is unusual about Ellen's visit?

2. When the money runs out and the group is facing a winter of no work, what do they decide to do?

3. What is their cook's name?

4. How does Oliver look in the procession of people headed to the mine for inspection?

5. What does Frank tell Susan he misses the most?

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