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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What religion is Susan Ward?
(a) Atheist
(b) Quaker
(c) Catholic
(d) Lutheran

2. How does Susan occupy her time during the years the Wards are waiting for financial backing on the irrigation project?
(a) Writing novels and continuing her illustrations for books and magazines
(b) Doing portraits for money
(c) Sewing quilts and selling them in Boise
(d) Teaching the town children

3. As the irrigation project becomes less and less of a reality, Susan writes and illustrates more. What does Oliver do to relieve his frustration?
(a) Drinks heavily
(b) Finds another woman
(c) Builds another house
(d) Learns another language

4. Who is Susan finally reunited with after Mexico?
(a) Augusta and Thomas Hudson
(b) Lizzie
(c) Mrs. Elliott
(d) Frank Sargeant

5. Lyman is thinking about his wife in this chapter. What is her name?
(a) Lizzie
(b) Ellen
(c) Ada
(d) Susan

6. What observations does Shelley share with Lyman about his grandfather?
(a) Oliver was not a nice person
(b) Oliver was not in love with Susan
(c) Everyone in Grass Valley knew Oliver was an alcoholic
(d) Oliver had borrowed money from eveyrone

7. After several years of waiting for financial backers, what happens to Frank and Wiley?
(a) They begin writing and illustrating
(b) They join the army
(c) They get other jobs
(d) They get married

8. What memory does Susan reflect upon as she and Oliver prepare to leave Mexico?
(a) Her last conversation with Frank Sargeant when he confesses his love for her
(b) A childhood day of play
(c) Her last meeting with Augusta
(d) Her wedding night

9. Who is Don Gustavo?
(a) The name of the horse Susan rides in Mexico
(b) The name of the town
(c) Emelita's husband
(d) The host for the Ward visit, and a principal in the mine where Oliver is considering being employed

10. What task has Oliver given to Susan while he is gone?
(a) To spy on Emelita
(b) To find a house if he decides to take the job
(c) To write to her family for money
(d) To buy some pots

11. What is Susan doing in this chapter just before Oliver returns home?
(a) sleeping
(b) cleaning house
(c) Drawing
(d) cooking

12. Who visits Susan alone at the ranch while her family is out watching the fireworks?
(a) Nellie
(b) Frank Sargeant
(c) Mrs. Elliott
(d) Augusta

13. What does Frank tell Susan he misses the most?
(a) Her stories
(b) When they used to ride away alone and she would draw him
(c) Her cooking since they hired a camp cook
(d) Pricey

14. How does Susan occupy her time while Oliver and the others are inspecting the mine?
(a) She watches television
(b) She assists Emelita in cleaning the house
(c) She works on her illustrations and writing
(d) She takes long rides in the country

15. What does Shelley ask Lyman?
(a) If she should go back with Larry and live in the commune
(b) If he will loan her money
(c) If he is interested in her mother
(d) If he will marry her

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Susan take the children when she and Oliver separate this time?

2. What job offer does Oliver finally take?

3. What is Frank's "incurable disease"?

4. Who is Emelita?

5. What does Augusta ask Susan about Frank?

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