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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the commune going to be located?
(a) San Francisco
(b) Milton, NY
(c) North San Juan, four miles north of Nevada City
(d) Staten Island

2. Who visits Susan alone at the ranch while her family is out watching the fireworks?
(a) Mrs. Elliott
(b) Frank Sargeant
(c) Augusta
(d) Nellie

3. How long have the Wards been working on the irrigation project?
(a) 8 years
(b) 2 years
(c) 7 years
(d) 10 years

4. Where did Shelley get the manifesto?
(a) Rodman sent it to her
(b) She found it in Ada's purse
(c) Lyman handed it to her
(d) Her boyfriend Larry gave it to her

5. How does the author tell the reader about Susan and Oliver's life after the irrigation project failed?
(a) Another letter from Susan to Augusta
(b) Lyman tells Ellen the rest of the story
(c) Newspaper clippings about San Francisco
(d) Lyman writes a poem

6. Susan is distressed about leaving and encourages her husband to do what?
(a) Hire Emelita for her maid
(b) Find another job in Mexico
(c) Return to the USA without her
(d) Turn in a positive report rather than tell the truth about the mine

7. How does Oliver look in the procession of people headed to the mine for inspection?
(a) Like a prince
(b) Like an eastern gentleman
(c) Like an Indian
(d) Out of place in his Colorado gear, while eveyrone else is dressed in splendor

8. What is their cook's name?
(a) Julia Child
(b) Hop Sing
(c) Robert Mancel
(d) Charley Wan

9. What job offer does Oliver finally take?
(a) Hunting guide for Teddy Roosevelt
(b) Superintendent of the New Almaden Mine
(c) Teacher in Boise
(d) Accompanying John Wesley Powell in the Geographical Survey

10. What does Lyman do about his dream?
(a) Writes it down
(b) Records it on tape
(c) Writes about it in a letter to Rodman
(d) Calls his wife and tells her

11. Who is Emelita?
(a) Don Gustavo's sister-in-law and housekeeper
(b) Oliver's mother
(c) Susan's sister
(d) Don Gustavo's pet dog

12. Where does Susan take the children when she and Oliver separate this time?
(a) Augusta's home
(b) Milton, NY
(c) Victoria, British Columbia
(d) Santa Cruz, CA

13. What task has Oliver given to Susan while he is gone?
(a) To find a house if he decides to take the job
(b) To buy some pots
(c) To write to her family for money
(d) To spy on Emelita

14. How does Susan occupy her time while Oliver and the others are inspecting the mine?
(a) She takes long rides in the country
(b) She works on her illustrations and writing
(c) She watches television
(d) She assists Emelita in cleaning the house

15. What does Susan encourage Augusta and Thomas to do?
(a) Buy shares in the irrigation project
(b) Send her roses
(c) Send her more money
(d) Make a homestead claim in the canyon

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Susan finally reunited with after Mexico?

2. What does Shelley ask Lyman?

3. Who has returned to the canyon to help with the new efforts on the irrigation scheme?

4. Why is Oliver upset with Susan in this chapter?

5. What does Lyman say is wisdom

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