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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why didn't Oliver send the train fare for his wife and her maid?
(a) He forgot
(b) He did not have the money to send
(c) He gambled away the money
(d) He did send it, but it got lost in the mail

2. What does Susan encourage Oliver to do instead of moving their family to another country?
(a) Become a salesman for Sears
(b) Become a hotel manager
(c) Become a writer like her
(d) Continue trying to invent hydraulic cement

3. Where do Susan and Oliver first meet?
(a) In an elevator
(b) On a train headed west
(c) At a high society party
(d) Inside a mine

4. Who is Clarence King?
(a) Director of the Geological Survey and a writer
(b) Oliver's boss
(c) Frank's father
(d) Susan's employer

5. What was Susan's overall impression of the mine workers?
(a) They did not know what they were doing
(b) They were ignorant and mean
(c) They appeared to be in a cruel and harsh environment, like a prison
(d) They were happy and tanned

6. What does Lyman consider to be the only intrusion to the routine of his days in Grass Valley?
(a) The highway noise
(b) The ball games
(c) Shelley's arrival in the afternoons to work for him
(d) Ada's nightly ministrations

7. Who is Rodman?
(a) Rodman is Lyman's uncle
(b) Rodman is an old boyfriend of Shelley
(c) Rodman Ward is Lyman's only child, and is a professor at Berkeley
(d) Rodman is a friend of Larry's

8. Why does Oliver quit the New Almaden mine?
(a) He was turned down for a promotion
(b) He realizes he cannot do the job satisfactorily
(c) Because he is ordered to tear down a fired man's house, and he refuses to do so.
(d) He has found another job

9. Why does Susan agree to marry Oliver?
(a) Because she and Oliver had an understanding, and Thomas has chosen Augusta over her.
(b) Because she hates the East Coast
(c) Because she is expecting his child
(d) Because her father has promised her to Oliver's family

10. Why is progress stopped in the Argentina mine?
(a) There is nothing to mine there
(b) An explosion closed the mine
(c) It has been moved to Denver
(d) Ownership has been questioned and it is tied up in litigation.

11. Lyman believes that his grandparents were
(a) Afraid to take chances.
(b) Boring and untalented.
(c) Wealthy and selfish.
(d) Tough, resilient, creative and enduring.

12. What is the bad news her mother tells her on the first day home?
(a) Thomas is severely ill
(b) Her sister Bessie is ill
(c) Her mother is expecting a baby
(d) Augusta has passed away

13. How does Susan deal with her frustration?
(a) She spends her time reading and ignoring the household duties
(b) She goes back east and divorces Oliver
(c) She falls in love with the gardener
(d) She begins a career as an illustrator for books and magazines

14. Rodman is concerned about his father living alone because
(a) Rodman is afraid Ada will steal Lyman's money
(b) Rodman is romantically interested in Shelley
(c) Rodman wants to live in Zodiac Cottage by himself
(d) Lyman is disabled and his caretakers are also elderly

15. What does Lyman originally think of Shelley?
(a) that she is attractive and fun
(b) That she is loud and brazen, completely different from his grandmother who was genteel and always dressed impeccably
(c) that she is shy and boring
(d) that she will steal his story ideas and write her own book

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the author use Shelley to expand the storyline?

2. What is Susan's main character trait in this chapter?

3. Where is Susan and Oliver's first home?

4. Oliver is offered a mining job in another country - which one?

5. What unusual event occurred at New Almaden?

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