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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Clarence King?
(a) Director of the Geological Survey and a writer
(b) Susan's employer
(c) Oliver's boss
(d) Frank's father

2. What reason does Augusta give Susan for disliking Oliver?
(a) Because he is illiterate
(b) Augusta is jealous of Susan's affections for Oliver, and believes Oliver is not good enough for Susan.
(c) Because he is not from a wealthy family.
(d) Because he did not graduate from Harvard

3. What is Rodman's reason for his visit to Lyman?
(a) Lyman's wife, Ellen, wants to see him
(b) Rodman is getting married again
(c) Rodman wants to live in Grass Valley with Lyman
(d) Rodman wants to borrow money

4. Where is Oliver's next mining job?
(a) Deadwood in the Black Hills of the Dakotas
(b) Bolivia
(c) Santa Cruz
(d) New Almaden

5. How does Susan's career expand at this time?
(a) Thomas asks her to be a writer as well as an illustrator.
(b) Susan takes in mending and washing clothes for the miners
(c) Susan begins to study engineering
(d) Susan becomes a model

6. Who is Ferd Ward?
(a) Oliver's father
(b) Distant cousin to Oliver, a financial Wall Street wizard
(c) Oliver's sister
(d) Oliver's grandfather

7. Who is Rodman?
(a) Rodman is Lyman's uncle
(b) Rodman Ward is Lyman's only child, and is a professor at Berkeley
(c) Rodman is an old boyfriend of Shelley
(d) Rodman is a friend of Larry's

8. What is the reason for the Wards' financial problems when Susan arrives?
(a) Susan has spent too much money on her wardrobe
(b) Oliver has an opium habit
(c) Oliver has lost his job
(d) The mine supervisor originally said the improvements to the Ward home would be paid for by the mine, then changed his mind

9. Who makes an unexpected appearance in Grass Valley?
(a) Mark Twain
(b) Ada's ex-husband
(c) Susan Ward
(d) Shelley's husband Larry

10. What is the difference between Leadville and New Almaden?
(a) Leadville is in the United States
(b) New Almaden is nearer to a big city
(c) Leadville is a growing mining town with visitors from all over the world
(d) Leadville is smaller

11. Who is Frank Sargeant?
(a) Ollie's childhood friend
(b) Susan's editor
(c) Oliver's boss
(d) Oliver's assistant in Leadville and becomes a longtime family friend

12. Oliver has news for Susan when he returns to Santa Cruz - what is it?
(a) He has found them another place to live
(b) He has found a job in Milton New York
(c) He is moving the family to Bolivia
(d) He has successfully invented hydraulic cement

13. Why does Susan find the advice confusing?
(a) Susan is unable to understand the situation
(b) Susan does not speak Mrs. Elliott's language
(c) Susan has a hearing problem
(d) Mrs. Elliott is recommending Susan make her husband happy, after Mrs. Elliott has endorsed womens rights.

14. Why does Lyman begin fictionalizing his grandparents' lives in a novel?
(a) Lyman has no experience in writing
(b) Shelley suggested this form to him
(c) They are not famous enough for a non-fiction biography, and it will help him understand them better this way.
(d) Lyman has long wanted to write a romance novel

15. What was the issue between Susan and Oliver that clouded their trip to Leadville?
(a) Susan wanted to drive the wagon
(b) Oliver was drinking
(c) Oliver would not stop so Susan could draw
(d) Oliver had to whip the horses to keep the wagon from going over a cliff, and Susan felt he was being cruel and mean

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Susan's new form of income?

2. Who is Lizzie?

3. Why is Susan angry at Oliver?

4. What does Lyman originally think of Shelley?

5. Where is Susan and Oliver's first home?

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