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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Frank Sargeant?
(a) Oliver's assistant in Leadville and becomes a longtime family friend
(b) Oliver's boss
(c) Ollie's childhood friend
(d) Susan's editor

2. Who is Mrs. Elliott?
(a) Susan's aunt
(b) The midwife
(c) A traveling salesperson
(d) A friend of Susan's aunt, Mrs. Elliott is an outspoken and opinionated woman from Santa Cruz.

3. The road to Leadville from the train station is long and arduous. What are just a few of the things that happened on the voyage?
(a) They get injured, lose their wagon, and stay with friends
(b) They got frostbite, robbed, and lost
(c) They run out of food, meet Indians, and sleep in a tent
(d) The Wards were almost driven off the mountain by a stage, one of the horses pulling their wagon died, and their reservation at the hotel was cancelled.

4. What is the name of the big black dog that Oliver has for Susan's protection?
(a) Stranger
(b) Bruce
(c) Fido
(d) Willlie

5. How does Susan deal with her frustration?
(a) She falls in love with the gardener
(b) She spends her time reading and ignoring the household duties
(c) She begins a career as an illustrator for books and magazines
(d) She goes back east and divorces Oliver

6. What happens to Ollie in this chapter?
(a) He is bitten by a rattlesnake
(b) He becomes ill again
(c) He has a birthday
(d) He gets a horse

7. Why does Lyman call himself a "man of stone"?
(a) He is mute.
(b) His family name is Stone
(c) Because he is physically unable to move his head from side to side.
(d) He is taking steroids

8. How is this chapter different from others, from the perspective of the Ward marriage?
(a) Shelley wrote it
(b) It is shorter than the others
(c) Lyman is allowing the intimacy of a young married couple to be shown
(d) It is written from the point of view of the baby

9. What does Larry send to Shelley, care of Lyman?
(a) A car
(b) 24 canaries
(c) A bottle of scotch
(d) a wedding ring

10. What does the conversation between Lyman and Shelley become after the writing suggestions?
(a) A conversation about television
(b) An argument about what to have for dinner
(c) A conversation about the difference of victorian era sexual attitudes and those of 1970 hippies.
(d) The beginning of an affair between Lyman and Shelley

11. What is Lyman's fear?
(a) Ed will accidentally hurt himself
(b) Shelley will leave with Larry
(c) That Ada will fall down the stairs while carrying him
(d) That his son will place him into an institution and take away his freedom.

12. Who makes an unexpected appearance in Grass Valley?
(a) Ada's ex-husband
(b) Shelley's husband Larry
(c) Mark Twain
(d) Susan Ward

13. Why does Lyman resist Shelley's suggestions?
(a) He is not writing for a modern reader, but as a way to find out more about himself through his family history.
(b) He does not understand her meaning
(c) He is jealous of her writing abilities
(d) She does not express her suggestions well.

14. What is the dream that Susan will lose if the cement is not successful?
(a) Building a mansion in Santa Cruz that rivals Augusta's home in New York and a permanent home
(b) To buy a large diamond ring
(c) To buy the boardinghouse
(d) To take a cruise around the world

15. Who is Clarence King?
(a) Director of the Geological Survey and a writer
(b) Oliver's boss
(c) Frank's father
(d) Susan's employer

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the small Ward cabin figure in Leadville society?

2. What is Susan's new form of income?

3. What is Susan's attitude towards Oliver during this time in New Almaden?

4. Why is Susan angry at Oliver?

5. Oliver is offered a mining job in another country - which one?

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