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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Susan find the advice confusing?
(a) Susan is unable to understand the situation
(b) Susan does not speak Mrs. Elliott's language
(c) Susan has a hearing problem
(d) Mrs. Elliott is recommending Susan make her husband happy, after Mrs. Elliott has endorsed womens rights.

2. What advice does Mrs. Elliott give to Susan?
(a) Get rid of Marian the nanny
(b) Become a boarding house manager
(c) Allow Oliver to return to engineering work rather than concentrate on marketing cement?
(d) Leave the baby with her when they move to Bolivia

3. Why does Susan agree to marry Oliver?
(a) Because her father has promised her to Oliver's family
(b) Because she and Oliver had an understanding, and Thomas has chosen Augusta over her.
(c) Because she hates the East Coast
(d) Because she is expecting his child

4. What is the purpose of Rodman's discussion with Lyman concerning Oliver's time at Deadwood?
(a) To remind the reader that Rodman and Lyman are related
(b) It allows the author to cover the time Oliver spent in Deadwood without the usual narration or correspondence plot devices.
(c) To test Lyman's mental faculties
(d) To show Rodman's interest in his father's book

5. What was the weather like on the trip to New Almaden?
(a) pleasantly warm
(b) Hot and dusty
(c) Icy and cold
(d) Cool and breezy

6. Where did Oliver live while he was waiting for his house to be finished?
(a) With friends
(b) In a car
(c) In a tent
(d) At Mother Fall's Boardinghouse

7. What was Susan's overall impression of the mine workers?
(a) They were happy and tanned
(b) They were ignorant and mean
(c) They appeared to be in a cruel and harsh environment, like a prison
(d) They did not know what they were doing

8. What is Susan's attitude towards Oliver during this time in New Almaden?
(a) She is in love and sees no faults
(b) She believes he compares favorably with Thomas
(c) She considers an immediate divorce
(d) She admires him for his handiness and intelligence, but is dismayed by his lack of ambition and business judgement.

9. How does Susan's career expand at this time?
(a) Susan takes in mending and washing clothes for the miners
(b) Susan becomes a model
(c) Thomas asks her to be a writer as well as an illustrator.
(d) Susan begins to study engineering

10. Why is Al Sutton important to this story?
(a) He provides comic relief and helps to flesh out the character of Lyman, son of the richest family in town.
(b) He saved Lyman's life
(c) He is Shelley's husband
(d) He caused Lyman to lose his leg

11. Where do Susan and the baby go when he takes the job?
(a) Mexico
(b) They stay in Santa Cruz with Mrs. Elliott
(c) Back to Milton, New York, to live with Susan's parents
(d) with Oliver

12. What does Lyman consider to be the only intrusion to the routine of his days in Grass Valley?
(a) The ball games
(b) Shelley's arrival in the afternoons to work for him
(c) Ada's nightly ministrations
(d) The highway noise

13. Why does Oliver quit the New Almaden mine?
(a) He realizes he cannot do the job satisfactorily
(b) He was turned down for a promotion
(c) Because he is ordered to tear down a fired man's house, and he refuses to do so.
(d) He has found another job

14. What unusual event occurred at New Almaden?
(a) Susan opened a restaurant
(b) Susan went down into the mine
(c) Augusta came to see Susan
(d) Oliver had an affair

15. What happens to Ollie in this chapter?
(a) He gets a horse
(b) He has a birthday
(c) He becomes ill again
(d) He is bitten by a rattlesnake

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a good description of the Ward home?

2. What is Susan's first clue that her marriage may not be everything she has dreamed?

3. Why doesn't Ollie come with Susan to Leadville?

4. Where is Oliver's next mining job?

5. Why does Lyman resist Shelley's suggestions?

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