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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Lyman begin fictionalizing his grandparents' lives in a novel?
(a) Lyman has long wanted to write a romance novel
(b) Shelley suggested this form to him
(c) They are not famous enough for a non-fiction biography, and it will help him understand them better this way.
(d) Lyman has no experience in writing

2. Who is Ferd Ward?
(a) Distant cousin to Oliver, a financial Wall Street wizard
(b) Oliver's father
(c) Oliver's grandfather
(d) Oliver's sister

3. Oliver has news for Susan when he returns to Santa Cruz - what is it?
(a) He is moving the family to Bolivia
(b) He has found a job in Milton New York
(c) He has successfully invented hydraulic cement
(d) He has found them another place to live

4. What is the difference between Leadville and New Almaden?
(a) Leadville is in the United States
(b) Leadville is a growing mining town with visitors from all over the world
(c) New Almaden is nearer to a big city
(d) Leadville is smaller

5. What does Susan tell Mrs. Elliott that shocks the older woman?
(a) Susan is in love with another man
(b) Susan is going to buy the boardinghouse
(c) Susan and Oliver are Hindu
(d) Susan's income from writing and illustrating is the only money the Ward family has at the moment

6. What is Rodman's reason for his visit to Lyman?
(a) Rodman wants to live in Grass Valley with Lyman
(b) Rodman is getting married again
(c) Rodman wants to borrow money
(d) Lyman's wife, Ellen, wants to see him

7. Who meets her train when she arrives at her destination?
(a) Oliver's family
(b) No one
(c) Her family
(d) Augusta and Thomas

8. What criticism does Shelley offer about Lyman's writing?
(a) He is not descriptive enough about scenery
(b) He uses too many big words
(c) His love scenes between Oliver and Susan are not graphic enough
(d) It is not easy to read

9. Oliver is offered a mining job in another country - which one?
(a) Australia
(b) China
(c) Spain
(d) Bolivia

10. Why does the author call this period a blissful time for his grandmother?
(a) She is back east with Augusta
(b) Her career is growing; she has intelligent conversations with their visitors, and she is pregnant.
(c) She is in a coma
(d) She is falling in love with the mine supervisor

11. What advice does Mrs. Elliott give to Susan?
(a) Leave the baby with her when they move to Bolivia
(b) Become a boarding house manager
(c) Allow Oliver to return to engineering work rather than concentrate on marketing cement?
(d) Get rid of Marian the nanny

12. What sad news does Augusta's first letter to Susan in New Almaden include?
(a) Thomas has lost his job
(b) Augusta and Thomas's baby died of diptheria
(c) Augusta and Thomas are divorcing
(d) Thomas has passed away

13. What is a recurring plot device used by the author?
(a) Symbolism
(b) Several points of view
(c) Flashback
(d) Letters from Susan to Augusta and others which move the story along and let readers know what has happened.

14. Why does Lyman resist Shelley's suggestions?
(a) He is jealous of her writing abilities
(b) He does not understand her meaning
(c) He is not writing for a modern reader, but as a way to find out more about himself through his family history.
(d) She does not express her suggestions well.

15. What unusual event occurred at New Almaden?
(a) Susan opened a restaurant
(b) Oliver had an affair
(c) Susan went down into the mine
(d) Augusta came to see Susan

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the next job offer that Oliver gets?

2. What is Susan's attitude towards Oliver during this time in New Almaden?

3. Lyman believes that his grandparents were

4. Who makes an unexpected appearance in Grass Valley?

5. Who is charged with the care of Pricey after his injury?

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