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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the understanding between Oliver and Susan that develops during their five year correspondence?
(a) That Susan will become Oliver's wife
(b) That Susan will draw Oliver's likeness for his personal stationery
(c) That Susan's family will finance Oliver's projects
(d) That Oliver will be the best man at Susan's wedding to Thomas

2. Why is the baby nicknamed Ollie?
(a) It is short for Olivia
(b) It is a shortened version of his first name, Oliver, and saves from being confused with his father in the story.
(c) It was the name of Susan's childhood friend
(d) Because Lizzie cannot pronounce the baby's name

3. Lyman believes that his grandparents were
(a) Tough, resilient, creative and enduring.
(b) Afraid to take chances.
(c) Wealthy and selfish.
(d) Boring and untalented.

4. What criticism does Shelley offer about Lyman's writing?
(a) It is not easy to read
(b) His love scenes between Oliver and Susan are not graphic enough
(c) He is not descriptive enough about scenery
(d) He uses too many big words

5. Why does Susan agree to marry Oliver?
(a) Because she and Oliver had an understanding, and Thomas has chosen Augusta over her.
(b) Because her father has promised her to Oliver's family
(c) Because she hates the East Coast
(d) Because she is expecting his child

6. When they arrive at the cabin, where is Pricey?
(a) Critically injured from a beating
(b) Asleep in their bed
(c) At the local tavern
(d) Reading

7. This chapter highlights several of Oliver's traits - what are some of them?
(a) Snobbery and high handed behavior
(b) Greed and avarice
(c) Compassion for those less fortunate, decency,misplaced loyalty, principals, lack of good business judgement, more of a dreamer
(d) Ignorance and selfishness

8. Where is Susan and Oliver's first home?
(a) San Francisco, CA
(b) Houston, TX
(c) Milton, NY
(d) New Almaden, California

9. What was the issue between Susan and Oliver that clouded their trip to Leadville?
(a) Susan wanted to drive the wagon
(b) Oliver had to whip the horses to keep the wagon from going over a cliff, and Susan felt he was being cruel and mean
(c) Oliver would not stop so Susan could draw
(d) Oliver was drinking

10. What does Lyman consider to be the only intrusion to the routine of his days in Grass Valley?
(a) Ada's nightly ministrations
(b) Shelley's arrival in the afternoons to work for him
(c) The highway noise
(d) The ball games

11. How does the author use Shelley to expand the storyline?
(a) By showing Shelley's thoughts about Lyman
(b) By having Shelley read parts of the book out loud to Lyman
(c) By reminding the reader of the difference between 1970's culture and society the way it was when Susan and Oliver were dating.
(d) By creating a romance between Shelley & Lyman

12. What advice does Mrs. Elliott give to Susan?
(a) Get rid of Marian the nanny
(b) Leave the baby with her when they move to Bolivia
(c) Allow Oliver to return to engineering work rather than concentrate on marketing cement?
(d) Become a boarding house manager

13. Where did Oliver live while he was waiting for his house to be finished?
(a) In a tent
(b) In a car
(c) At Mother Fall's Boardinghouse
(d) With friends

14. What is a good description of the Ward home?
(a) House trailer
(b) Wide veranda, clean and comfortable house
(c) Tumble down shack
(d) A section of a boardinghouse

15. What is the bad news her mother tells her on the first day home?
(a) Her sister Bessie is ill
(b) Augusta has passed away
(c) Thomas is severely ill
(d) Her mother is expecting a baby

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Larry send to Shelley, care of Lyman?

2. What was the weather like on the trip to New Almaden?

3. How does Susan deal with her frustration?

4. Why does Lyman call himself a "man of stone"?

5. What is the purpose of Rodman's discussion with Lyman concerning Oliver's time at Deadwood?

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