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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Oliver is offered a mining job in another country - which one?
(a) Australia
(b) Bolivia
(c) China
(d) Spain

2. Why does Lyman call himself a "man of stone"?
(a) He is mute.
(b) His family name is Stone
(c) Because he is physically unable to move his head from side to side.
(d) He is taking steroids

3. What reason does Augusta give Susan for disliking Oliver?
(a) Because he did not graduate from Harvard
(b) Augusta is jealous of Susan's affections for Oliver, and believes Oliver is not good enough for Susan.
(c) Because he is not from a wealthy family.
(d) Because he is illiterate

4. Oliver has news for Susan when he returns to Santa Cruz - what is it?
(a) He has found a job in Milton New York
(b) He has found them another place to live
(c) He has successfully invented hydraulic cement
(d) He is moving the family to Bolivia

5. What does Lyman originally think of Shelley?
(a) That she is loud and brazen, completely different from his grandmother who was genteel and always dressed impeccably
(b) that she is shy and boring
(c) that she will steal his story ideas and write her own book
(d) that she is attractive and fun

6. Who is Frank Sargeant?
(a) Ollie's childhood friend
(b) Oliver's assistant in Leadville and becomes a longtime family friend
(c) Oliver's boss
(d) Susan's editor

7. What is the purpose of Rodman's discussion with Lyman concerning Oliver's time at Deadwood?
(a) To remind the reader that Rodman and Lyman are related
(b) It allows the author to cover the time Oliver spent in Deadwood without the usual narration or correspondence plot devices.
(c) To test Lyman's mental faculties
(d) To show Rodman's interest in his father's book

8. Who is Ferd Ward?
(a) Distant cousin to Oliver, a financial Wall Street wizard
(b) Oliver's sister
(c) Oliver's grandfather
(d) Oliver's father

9. What is a good description of the Ward home?
(a) House trailer
(b) Tumble down shack
(c) Wide veranda, clean and comfortable house
(d) A section of a boardinghouse

10. What was the weather like on the trip to New Almaden?
(a) Icy and cold
(b) pleasantly warm
(c) Cool and breezy
(d) Hot and dusty

11. When Susan returns home to Milton to spend the winter and get Ollie, what project does she begin?
(a) Writing a book about her grandparents
(b) Cleaning the storeroom and attic
(c) Studying Spanish
(d) Writing her memoirs

12. Who does Susan kiss in error upon her and Ollie's arrival in Leadville?
(a) Mrs. Elliott
(b) Frank Sargeant
(c) Mr. King
(d) Lizzie

13. What is Rodman's reason for his visit to Lyman?
(a) Lyman's wife, Ellen, wants to see him
(b) Rodman is getting married again
(c) Rodman wants to live in Grass Valley with Lyman
(d) Rodman wants to borrow money

14. What is the dream that Susan will lose if the cement is not successful?
(a) To take a cruise around the world
(b) To buy the boardinghouse
(c) Building a mansion in Santa Cruz that rivals Augusta's home in New York and a permanent home
(d) To buy a large diamond ring

15. Why is the baby nicknamed Ollie?
(a) Because Lizzie cannot pronounce the baby's name
(b) It is a shortened version of his first name, Oliver, and saves from being confused with his father in the story.
(c) It was the name of Susan's childhood friend
(d) It is short for Olivia

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Susan's new form of income?

2. Who is Lizzie?

3. What is the reason for the Wards' financial problems when Susan arrives?

4. Who is Rodman?

5. What happens to Ollie in this chapter?

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