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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 8, Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old is Susan in this chapter?
(a) 92
(b) 65
(c) 42
(d) 18

2. Susan is distressed about leaving and encourages her husband to do what?
(a) Turn in a positive report rather than tell the truth about the mine
(b) Hire Emelita for her maid
(c) Find another job in Mexico
(d) Return to the USA without her

3. What does Lyman consider to be the only intrusion to the routine of his days in Grass Valley?
(a) Ada's nightly ministrations
(b) Shelley's arrival in the afternoons to work for him
(c) The highway noise
(d) The ball games

4. What does Frank tell Susan he misses the most?
(a) Her stories
(b) Her cooking since they hired a camp cook
(c) When they used to ride away alone and she would draw him
(d) Pricey

5. What job offer does Oliver finally take?
(a) Accompanying John Wesley Powell in the Geographical Survey
(b) Teacher in Boise
(c) Hunting guide for Teddy Roosevelt
(d) Superintendent of the New Almaden Mine

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Susan perceive the move to Boise?

2. Who is Ollie's benefactor at St. Paul's?

3. How is this chapter different from others, from the perspective of the Ward marriage?

4. What does Frank do in an attempt to right matters concerning the jumped claims?

5. Where do Susan and Oliver first meet?

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