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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 8, Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Susan like about the Boise Canyon?
(a) The beauty, the birds and the quiet
(b) The shopping
(c) The people in the town
(d) The dust and wind

2. There is trouble in Leadville with Oliver's claim. What has happened?
(a) He has worked the wrong claim
(b) Another company has tried to jump his claim
(c) He filed it incorrectly
(d) Frank has stolen it from him

3. After several years of waiting for financial backers, what happens to Frank and Wiley?
(a) They begin writing and illustrating
(b) They get other jobs
(c) They join the army
(d) They get married

4. Where is Susan and Oliver's first home?
(a) New Almaden, California
(b) Houston, TX
(c) San Francisco, CA
(d) Milton, NY

5. Where is Oliver's next mining job?
(a) New Almaden
(b) Deadwood in the Black Hills of the Dakotas
(c) Santa Cruz
(d) Bolivia

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Oliver live while he was waiting for his house to be finished?

2. Why was Thomas Hudson a frail and sickly man?

3. Why doesn't Ollie come with Susan to Leadville?

4. What is Lyman's main concern at this point

5. Who does Susan kiss in error upon her and Ollie's arrival in Leadville?

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