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Susan's home in New York, where she continues to return until her parents finally pass on and the home is sold.

Grass Valley

Location of Zodiac Cottage where Lyman is writing his book.

New Almaden

Oliver and Susan Ward's first home.

Santa Cruz

Where Oliver and Susan rest after New Almaden and dream of a beautiful mansion.


The remote mining town in Colorado where Oliver works.


The Mexican village where Susan falls in love with a mansion style living and the Mexican culture.

Boise Canyon

The rugged, barren canyon where Oliver, Susan, and their rag tag band live while trying to make the irrigation project succeed.

Walnut Creek

Home of Ellen Ward after leaving Lyman.


University town where Lyman and Rodman both have been professors.

Doppler Effect

A law in physics that is used by the author in this novel as a literary device...

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