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1. Why does Lyman Ward return to his family home?
(a) To start a relationship with Shelley Rasmussen.
(b) To serve as a marriage counselor to Ada.
(c) To drink beer and watch television all day long.
(d) To escape from the present and explore his family's history for answers to his own life.

2. Lyman believes that his grandparents were
(a) Wealthy and selfish.
(b) Afraid to take chances.
(c) Boring and untalented.
(d) Tough, resilient, creative and enduring.

3. Rodman is concerned about his father living alone because
(a) Rodman is afraid Ada will steal Lyman's money
(b) Rodman wants to live in Zodiac Cottage by himself
(c) Rodman is romantically interested in Shelley
(d) Lyman is disabled and his caretakers are also elderly

4. Why does Lyman begin fictionalizing his grandparents' lives in a novel?
(a) Lyman has no experience in writing
(b) Shelley suggested this form to him
(c) They are not famous enough for a non-fiction biography, and it will help him understand them better this way.
(d) Lyman has long wanted to write a romance novel

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