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Essay Topic 1

Compare the characters of Susan and Oliver. List traits, character deficiencies, methods for dealing with adversity, outlook on life, love and their goals and dreams. How do they mesh and how do they clash?

Essay Topic 2

Why did Oliver continue to fail? Take each job and analyze what he could have done differently to keep the position and stay with that company. Did he make the decision that was best for his family each time?

Essay Topic 3

What qualities did Susan admire in Augusta that she herself did not have? How did Susan shape her life to be more like Augusta's life? What did Augusta have that Susan wanted?

Essay Topic 4

What role did Shelley Rasmussen play in the plot movement in this novel? How did she compare with Susan Ward in Lyman's eyes? How did the author use Shelley to explain Lyman's character?

Essay Topic 5

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