Angle of Repose Character Descriptions

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Lyman Ward

The narrator of the story, a man confined to a wheelchair who is choosing to explore his family's past rather than face the situations of his present life.

Susan Ward

An artist and writer who honors her commitments to family and friends yet yearns for a life completely different than the one destiny provides her.

Oliver Ward

A good and decent man who fails to live up to the expectations of his wife but works hard and honorably throughout his days.

Shelly Rasmussen

A rebellious and displaced woman of 1970, who is on the fringes of the hippie generation's world, but lives with her mother and serves as a secretary.

Augusta Drake

A genteel woman who is the object of Susan's lifelong affection and attention.

Thomas Drake

The man Susan would have married if he had only asked when they were younger; however, he chose Susan's best...

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