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Book 1, Chapter 1 | Book 1, Chapter 2

• Lyman Ward is at Zodiac Cottage in Grass Valley writing a book about his grandparents

• Lyman's son, Rodman, is concerned about Lyman living alone

• Lyman hopes that by studying his grandparents' lives, he might be better able to understand his own

• Susan Boling meets Oliver Ward, the man who will eventually become her husband and Lyman's grandfather

• Oliver leaves for the West but stays in touch with Susan, and the two develop an understanding that they will eventually marry

• Susan continues her friendship with Augusta and Thomas and envisions a long life with these two friends by her side

Book 1, Chapter 3 | Book 1, Chapter 4

• Lyman hires Shelly Rasmussen to transcribe his book

• Shelley is separated from her boyfriend/husband Larry, who is a hippie and drug user.

• Shelley is a free-style young woman who shocks Lyman with her behavior and talk

• Thomas proposes to Augusta...

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