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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Prior and Louis' cat's name?
(a) Maggie
(b) Sheba
(c) Blanche
(d) Stella

2. What does Louis worry aloud will happen to Joe if he touches him in Act 3, Scene 7?
(a) His hand will fall off
(b) He will see Louis's iniquity
(c) He will fall in love with Louis
(d) They will both die

3. Why, according to Joe, does he not want to have sex with Harper most days?
(a) He does not love her anymore
(b) He is tired from work
(c) She is ugly when high
(d) She makes him feel small

4. According to Louis in Act 2, Scene 7, what do you have to be willing to do even if you are scared?
(a) Break the law
(b) Dissent
(c) Follow your heart
(d) Abandon what hurts you

5. According to Prior's rant in the beginning of Act 3, Scene 7, the Recording Angel snaps the spine of what book?
(a) The Book of Life
(b) The Book of Days
(c) The Book of Heaven
(d) The Book of the Dead

Short Answer Questions

1. Like what does the snow of Harper's metaphysical Antarctica in Act 3, Scene 3 smell?

2. Where in his apartment is Prior at the beginning of Act 2, Scene 1?

3. Of whom does Ed Meese remind Martin Heller?

4. For what Broadway musical does Roy Cohn get tickets for Mrs. Hollins?

5. Why can Louis and the Man not go back to the Man's house in Act 2, Scene 4?

Short Essay Questions

1. What final pearls of wisdom does Roy provide to Joe in Act 5, Scene 4?

2. How does Hannah Pitt react to Joe's late night call to her?

3. What does Belize warn Roy about regarding his AZT?

4. Describe Harper in Act 5, Scene 9.

5. What do Prior and his two ancestral visitors in the beginning of Act 3 have in common besides a name?

6. What revelation of Roy's past shocks Joe in Act 3, Scene 6?

7. Why does Louis criticize Joe's decision on a case that found in favor of a gay soldier?

8. Describe the first meeting between Louis and Joe.

9. What are Joe and Harper's secrets in Act 1, Scene 8?

10. How does Louis use an explanation of smell in Act 1, Scene 6, as a sexual come-on?

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