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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the one thing Prior begs Louis not to do in Act 2, Scene 1?
(a) Touch him
(b) Call the hospital
(c) Freak out
(d) Leave him

2. For what Broadway musical does Roy Cohn get tickets for Mrs. Hollins?
(a) Le Cage aux Folles
(b) Cats
(c) Les Miserables
(d) A Little Night Music

3. From what organization is the latter that Roy gives Joe in Act 2, Scene 6?
(a) The National Bar Association
(b) The FBI
(c) The Department of Justice
(d) The Better Business Bureau

4. What addition to the Antarctica of Act 3, Scene 3 confuses Mr. Lies?
(a) A deer
(b) A pizza
(c) An Eskimo
(d) A taxi

5. Which horror movie does Harper fear takes place in Brooklyn?
(a) The Omen
(b) The Exorcist
(c) Rosemary's Baby
(d) Poltergeist

6. What happens to Prior whenever he hears the celestial voice?
(a) He becomes paralyzed
(b) He sweats profusely
(c) He gets an erection
(d) He pisses himself

7. Before hanging up on Joe, for what does Hannah chastise him?
(a) Leaving Salt Lake City
(b) Staying out late at night
(c) Being gay
(d) Drinking

8. Why does Prior not tell Louis about his first lesion immediately?
(a) He fears Louis will leave him
(b) He was denying it to himself
(c) He doesn't want to worry Louis
(d) He wanted to get a second opinion from a doctor

9. Whom does Louis imply is gay in Act 2, Scene 7?
(a) Rock Hudson
(b) Ron Reagan, Jr.
(c) Vice President Bush
(d) Ed Koch

10. Who did Joe Pitt vote for in the last presidential election?
(a) Mondale
(b) He did not vote
(c) Reagan
(d) He will not say

11. Like what does the snow of Harper's metaphysical Antarctica in Act 3, Scene 3 smell?
(a) Mint
(b) Peaches
(c) Chocolate
(d) Honeysuckle

12. To what does Harper joke she will give birth in Act 2, Scene 2?
(a) A homo
(b) A pill
(c) A puppy
(d) Nothing

13. Where is the pay phone that Joe uses to call his mother in Act 2, Scene 8?
(a) Chambers Street
(b) Central Park
(c) East 57th Street
(d) Penn Station

14. Who does Harper realize is the "man with the knives?"
(a) Her father
(b) God
(c) Mr. Lies
(d) Joe

15. Which of the following is not something Prior keeps in his bed to ward off spirits in Act 3, Scene 6?
(a) A crucifix
(b) A mirror
(c) A wooden stake
(d) Garlic

Short Answer Questions

1. What commodity did Prior's ship captain ancestor bring to England?

2. in what famous English record is one of Prior Walter's ancestors featured?

3. Of whom does Ed Meese remind Martin Heller?

4. In what country does Louis' Act 3, Scene 2, story of about subtle antisemitism abroad take place?

5. Why is Harper confused by seeing Prior in her hallucination?

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