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This is a secret brotherhood that began in the 1500s.


This is an institution in Switzerland that produces the first particles of an important substance.

Vetra's Lab

The Hassassin uses someone's eye to enter this place and steal an important substance.


A canister of this is placed in the Vatican and will destroy everything around it if it is not placed on the battery recharger by midnight.

Sistine Chapel

The cardinals are sequestered here during conclave, while they elect the next Pope.

Office of the Swiss Guard

The command post for a canister of an important substance is located here.

Office of the Pope

This place has red marble floors and frescoes on the walls.

The Secret Vatican Archives

These hold over 20,000 volumes and are rumored to hold unpublished books of the Bible.

Altars of Science

The four cardinals are each killed at one of...

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