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Illuminati - This is a secret brotherhood that began in the 1500s.

CERN - This is an institution in Switzerland that produces the first particles of an important substance.

Vetra's Lab - The Hassassin uses someone's eye to enter this place and steal an important substance.

Antimatter - A canister of this is placed in the Vatican and will destroy everything around it if it is not placed on the battery recharger by midnight.

Sistine Chapel - The cardinals are sequestered here during conclave, while they elect the next Pope.

Office of the Swiss Guard - The command post for a canister of an important substance is located here.

Office of the Pope - This place has red marble floors and frescoes on the walls.

The Secret Vatican Archives - These hold over 20,000 volumes and are rumored to hold unpublished books of the Bible.

Altars of Science...

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