Angelfall Short Essay - Answer Key

Susan Ee
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1. How does Penryn describe the setting of the novel in Chapter 1? What is she doing as the novel opens?

17-year-old Penryn Young says that the sunsets since the attacks have been beautiful. Penryn hides sharpened steak knives in her 7-year-old sister, Paige's, wheelchair, and into her mother's shopping cart.

2. What do Penryn and her mother carry downstairs from their condo in Chapter 1? What is their plan for traveling?

Penryn and her mother then bring Paige downstairs to the lobby of the building, taking the stairs because the electricity is not always reliable. They then bring the cart downstairs, which is full of old photos, Bibles, and empty bottles. The plan is to head down El Camino, to Page Mill, and then to the hills.

3. How is the outdoor setting described in Chapter 2? What objects fall from the sky in this chapter?

Penryn knows it is the Apocalypse. As she and her mother and sister head down the road through Silicon Valley, they move around abandoned cars and past debris. As they head down the road, white feathers fall on them, and an Angel of the Apocalypse appears before them.

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