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Susan Ee
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This U.S. state is the main setting of the novel. This is where the angel aerie and the resistance camp are located.

Silicon Valley

This is the location where Penryn and her family live, and where they flee in order to escape into the hills.

San Francisco

This major city is the location of the Financial District and the angel aerie. It is the city to which Penryn and Raffe travel.

The Angel Aerie

This is the name of the location where Uriel and all the angels congregate, conduct experiments, and party.

The Basement

This location is where scientific work is done by angels to create human-scorpion hybrids. It is where Penryn finds Paige, and where Uriel spares Raffe's life in order to kill him later.

The Resistance Camp

This setting in the novel is run by Obadiah West, and is staffed by dozens and dozens...

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