Angelfall Character Descriptions

Susan Ee
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Penryn Young

This is the narrator and principle protagonist in Angelfall. She is a beautiful, resourceful, 17-year-old girl who cares for her mentally unbalanced mother and her wheelchair-bound younger sister.


This character in the novel is an archangel and one of several potential candidates for the position of Messenger to God. Turned on by five other angels, he has his wings cut off and is left for dead.

Penryn's Mother

This character is a mentally imbalanced woman who has been off her medication for a while. She has momentary bouts of sanity, but otherwise, believes she is being haunted by demons.


This character is the 7-year-old sister of the protagonist. She is wheelchair bound for unknown reasons, though it is imagined her mother may have had something to do with it.

Obadiah West

This character is the kind and heroic leader of the resistance militia that...

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