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Frank McCourt
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the children at school tease Frank and his brother about their boots?
(a) The boots are falling off of them because they are too big.
(b) They are wearing girls' boots.
(c) Frank's father has mended them using an old tire.
(d) The boots have holes in them and are falling apart.

2. Why are Angela and Malachy angry with Frank in Chapter 6?
(a) Frank stole money to go to the cinema.
(b) He was spending time with Paddy.
(c) Frank stole apples from the orchard.
(d) They learned he skipped school.

3. How do the McCourts get back to Angela's family?
(a) Malachy sells his possessions.
(b) Malachy finds a temporary job.
(c) The family begs on the street.
(d) The police take up a collection to pay their bus fare.

4. Why does Angela believe that Frank was not accepted as an altar boy?
(a) He has not followed the rules in church.
(b) He is too poor.
(c) He is not old enough.
(d) He has bad manners.

5. When Malachy goes to the IRA office to claim his pension, what is he told?
(a) There is no record of his service in the IRA.
(b) There is a waiting period for his pension check.
(c) He has come to the wrong office.
(d) The IRA is all out of money.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the Meagher family too ashamed to go out?

2. Why does Angela go to Malachy's job?

3. What does Grandpa McCourt send for the new baby?

4. What is the poem Angela shares with Bridey, "The Man From the North," about?

5. Why is Frank concerned for Mickey's soul?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Frank's experience delivering telegrams to the Carmody house in Chapter 15. How is he feeling? Was this an expected occurrence?

2. Why does Frank regret not taking the postal exam in Chapter 18?

3. How does the time Frank spends in the library in Chapter 14 reading a predictor of his future profession?

4. What is the overall tone of Chapter 1? What events or details indicate that?

5. What is Frank's motivation for throwing Mrs. Finucane's ledger into the water?

6. Describe your first impression of Angela's mother in Chapter 2. What kind of woman does she appear to be?

7. Describe the circumstances under which Angela and her family are evicted.

8. Describe the scene in town on Fridays in Chapter 3 when work is finished. What is the overall atmosphere? How are Angela's feelings different than those of the other women in town?

9. What does Frank miss most about the hospital when he arrives home in Chapter 8? Would you feel the same way?

10. What does Grandma's attitude towards first communion and first confession in Chapter 4 tell you about the role of Catholicism in their lives?

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