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Frank McCourt
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the man at the IRA office refuse to give Malachy money for the bus fare home?
(a) The IRA is completely out of money.
(b) The man is angry that Malachy wasted his time.
(c) Malachy also requested money for a pint of beer.
(d) The man believes that Malachy has enough money.

2. What happens to Macushla in Chapter 7?
(a) He runs away.
(b) He is put to death.
(c) He has puppies.
(d) He becomes very ill.

3. Why does Angela go to Malachy's job?
(a) To show her children where their father is working.
(b) To ask his boss to give her Malachy's wages.
(c) To visit her husband and bring him lunch.
(d) To apply for a job herself.

4. What does Angela bring Frank in the hospital?
(a) A chocolate bar.
(b) Bread and jam.
(c) Dirty magazines.
(d) A map of Ireland.

5. After receiving money from the Vincent de Paul society, why does Nora insist on going to the store with Angela?
(a) Angela does not know where the store is.
(b) Angela will need help carrying the groceries.
(c) She wants Angela to buy her some groceries.
(d) She is worried the store owner will cheat Angela.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of lessons does Angela decide Frank must take?

2. What is Mr. O'Neill particularly enthusiastic about teaching?

3. What does Frank's teacher tell the boys who teased Frank about his shoes?

4. Why is Frank so understanding when his father is telling Oliver stories about Cuchulain?

5. Why does Mickey die?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the reader see Frank's emerging sexuality in Chapter 8?

2. In Chapter 6, Paddy Clohessy's father has consumption. What does this tell you about their living situation?

3. In Chapter 9, why is the family shamed when no telegram arrives?

4. In Chapter 9, Mr. Downes tells Angela that Malachy is drinking away all of the money in London. Why do you think this is so shameful to the family?

5. Do you feel it was necessary for the McCourts, in Chapter 3, to move from the room on Hartstronge Street to Roden Lane? Why or why not?

6. In the beginning of Chapter 9, Angela tells Malachy she is done having children. What is she really saying, considering their religious background?

7. Compare and contrast the character of Fintain with Frank.

8. Discuss Malachy's attitude towards work in Chapter 3.

9. Grandpa McCourt sends the family money in Chapter 7, and Malachy spends it on alcohol. Why is this particular act more despicable than Malachy's others?

10. Why does Peter Dooley want to read the news on the BBC radio? What do you think of his goals?

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