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Frank McCourt
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Seamus bring Frank in the hospital?
(a) Books.
(b) Chocolate.
(c) Alcohol.
(d) Videos.

2. Why does Frank stop working for Mr. Timoney?
(a) Mr. Timoney passes away.
(b) Frank gets ill and cannot work.
(c) Mr. Timoney finds someone else to work for him.
(d) Mr. Timoney is placed in a senior citizens' home.

3. What job does Frank take on for Margaret?
(a) Delivering newspapers.
(b) Taking food to Galvin.
(c) Cooking dinner.
(d) Fetching coal.

4. What does Paddy's father tell Frank about his mother in Chapter 6?
(a) She was always poor.
(b) She was a great student.
(c) She once dated a senator.
(d) She was an excellent dancer.

5. After confessing to the priest on his first communion, why does Margaret send Frank back into the confessional?
(a) His grandmother wants to send her love.
(b) He forgot to confess that he stole some bread.
(c) He has to thank the priest for taking his confession.
(d) He has to ask whether to use holy water or regular water.

6. Why does the family move to Roden Lane?
(a) The old house was flooded.
(b) The new house is less expensive.
(c) The old house reminded Angela too much of Eugene.
(d) The new house is closer to Angela's family.

7. Why is Frank's grandmother not speaking to Angela at the beginning of Chapter 5?
(a) Angela did not bring enough food for dinner.
(b) Frank lost his prayerbook.
(c) Frank was sick in grandmother's yard.
(d) Malachy lost his job again.

8. Frank's father, Malachy, originally comes to America for what reason?
(a) He wanted to escape the weather of Ireland.
(b) He was looking for better job opportunities.
(c) He wanted to meet Angela.
(d) He is wanted for crimes committed while fighting for the IRA.

9. Why does Margaret get angry with Frank and make him take Galvin's food to the kiln for free?
(a) Frank ate Galvin's food before he got to the kiln.
(b) Frank sold the food.
(c) Frank went to the cinema instead of taking the food.
(d) Frank dropped the food and it wasn't good anymore.

10. Why does Quigley seem to annoy his teachers?
(a) He is always asking questions.
(b) His clothes are always dirty.
(c) He cannot read.
(d) He is always fighting with the other boys.

11. Why does Angela go to Malachy's job?
(a) To show her children where their father is working.
(b) To apply for a job herself.
(c) To ask his boss to give her Malachy's wages.
(d) To visit her husband and bring him lunch.

12. Why do Frank's classmates laugh at him as they leave the store before Christmas?
(a) The only meat they can afford is a pig's head.
(b) Frank falls in the mud and is dirty.
(c) They cannot afford any groceries.
(d) Malachy is drunk and stumbling home.

13. Why is Angela angry at the end of Chapter 3?
(a) Malachy is out late drinking instead of coming home with his wages.
(b) He forgets to pick the children up from school.
(c) He has been arrested for drunken behavior.
(d) He i working late and she is worried.

14. What does Frank's teacher tell the boys who teased Frank about his shoes?
(a) Only Americans wear boots made out of tires.
(b) The boys should be quiet in school, but could tease Frank and Malachy later.
(c) That the Lord Jesus did not wear shoes at all.
(d) Frank and Malachy's shoes were better than anyone elses.

15. Why does Angela cry on the way home from Paddy's home?
(a) She is happy to see Paddy's family.
(b) She is upset with Frank for skipping school.
(c) She is relieved that Paddy is alright.
(d) She is sad that Paddy's father is ill when she has known him for so long.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Malachy gets a job, what happens the third week he is supposed to bring home the wages?

2. What is Peter's punishment when he gets into trouble with his money?

3. What happens to Frank's brother Malachy on the playground?

4. What does Tommy Flynn say happened to Margaret's body?

5. Why does Angela insist on going to the Labour Exchange with Malachy after Oliver's death?

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