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Frank McCourt
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Frank sometimes do when Mrs. Finucane falls asleep?
(a) Reads all of her books.
(b) Steals her money.
(c) Leaves to go visit Mikey.
(d) Takes her letters and throws them away.

2. How do Frank and young Malachy get coal in Chapter 10?
(a) They steal it by causing a distraction.
(b) They pick up lose pieces on the street.
(c) They borrow it from the pub owners.
(d) They steal money to buy it.

3. What happens when the family waits for Malachy at the train station?
(a) They are told that Malachy is not coming home at all.
(b) The train crashes.
(c) He arrives early.
(d) He does not arrive until the next day.

4. How does Frank feed himself at Pat Sheehan's?
(a) He gets a job selling books.
(b) He borrows money from Margaret.
(c) He gets the food from Angela.
(d) He steals food.

5. After Eugene's death in Chapter 2, why does Frank get angry with his father in the pub?
(a) Malachy has put his glass on Eugene's coffin.
(b) Malachy has spent the money intended for the funeral on alcohol.
(c) Malachy is drinking instead of attending the funeral.
(d) Malachy does not seem to be upset about Eugene's death.

Short Answer Questions

1. How would Angela feel about Frank's work for Mrs. Finucane?

2. What kind of teacher is Mr. Benson?

3. Why does Mrs. O'Riordan write a note to Angela about Frank?

4. In Chapter 13, where does Mr. O'Halloran tell Frank to go?

5. For what does Peter Dooley charge Frank?

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